What if...

We've all asked ourselves these big "what ifs" from time to time...
What if you could just wish, and suddenly money would appear when you needed it?
What if there was a secret source of cash that didn't require any work on your part to earn it?
What if there was someone out there, somewhere, that cared enough about you to just hand you the money you wanted or needed?

Stop dreaming, start believing.

I know this sounds like a really bad multilevel marketing scheme that you'd see on tv late at night or some sort of joke.
But it's not a scheme and it's not a joke. I really am that person, that someone out there, that cares enough to hand you the money you want or need.

Just ask.

Just send me an e-mail explaining why you want or need money. I may or may not decide to reward you. I will decide the amount and select the recipients.

Free Money No Strings

Free money giveaway with no strings attached is available from lots of different sources. Because organizations and people are helping other people in need I created this site which connects people who are experiencing hardship with people that can help them. These people could be millionaires, billionaires, celebrities, corporate foundations or even just the general public. If you're experiencing a genuine hardship then there are free money give away's with no strings attached in 2017.

Free Money No Strings

In this article, I will reveal ways that you can contact charitable organizations for money. Remember that money giveaways are generally available if you are experiencing hardship. If you want to take charge of your own finances then check out the following posts on making money quickly. These posts give ideas on how to make money legally and if you put a concerted amount of effort you could generate a nice passive monthly income.


Before We start   

Firstly, there are some ways to capitalize on a free money giveaway, no strings attached, that you may want to try to get in on.   All over the world, millionaires and billionaires  giving money away, are handing out cash to those that are in need. I do the same thing! So, just proceed and make your request HERE!  If you are in need of some assistance, perhaps this is a good option for you.   Once you find  a list of  millionaires that give cash to help out others, you can write to them.   If you are saying, I need cash now, let's explore how you should construct a letter to try to get in on a free money giveaway, no strings attachedAlso, you can check the ways how you can get your hands on free money right now!

millionaires giving money away
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Best way towards riches is your own unique idea. You always have to consider to make money yourself and continue earning it more and more easily. As you know already, the internet is one of the markets that is expending extremely fast. Maybe you have a good idea for an online home business that could bring quite a buck? Then you should definitely go for it! I will fund your business idea with free $10.000 grant!


Who is Eligible for Free Money Giveaway?

The first thing that I would like to mention is that there are lots of scam sites out there who just want to make money off of you, there are sites that want you to leave a comment on your hardship in an attempt to increase their views so that they can make more money from advertising, this site is different, I genuinely want to help people and anything that I find worth sharing will be posted here. There are lots of free money giveaway sites and programs which are completely genuine.

If you're looking for a free money giveaway in 2017 then you need to have a genuine hardship, sometimes people get confused over their circumstances and send requests for money everywhere never to get a response. A Genuine hardship would be someone who is experiencing the following:

#1: Financial Despair - Have no money or have lost all your money and have nowhere to turn to

#2: Homelessness - Have no shelter and no one who can accommodate you 

#3: Poverty - Are in debt, have no future prospect, stuck in a low-income job where you need more income

#4: Medical Bills with No Insurance

#5: Medical Treatment with No Insurance

#6: Disaster Recovery - Have experienced a disaster and require assistance to get back on your feet

If you do have a genuine hardship then people are willing to give money with no strings attached. The first step that you need to take is to reflect on whether you really have a real hardship, if your circumstance is within your control then it's better you do something about it and help yourself.

Help From the Government Public Assistance

The first free giveaway money organization to consider is government assistance. If through your reflection you've found that you need external intervention then take a moment to think about public assistance, if you're unemployed and on a low income then you could probably qualify for the following benefits which are offered by US Government.

#1: Unemployment Benefits

#2: Food Stamps

#3: Rental Assistance

#4: Weatherization Programs

Millionaires Giving Money

The next money giveaway option you should consider is asking rich millionaires, billionaires, and philanthropists for help. If you've tried public assistance and have nowhere to turn to then it's worth contacting rich people for money, you could contact millionaires, billionaires, celebrities and even corporate foundations for money. I have started to add the contact details of all the people that can help on the pages above where you can ask millionaires, philanthropists, corporate foundations, and celebrities for help. You can also get millionaire help by contacting the foundations run by these rich people, I have shared some contact details below for millionaires giving money. 

If you're looking for more people to contact then you could try the following lists which have excellent profiles on rich people giving money away with no strings attached. Once you find a millionaire who supports your cause you can research further into their charitable foundation and then contact them directly for help.



The ADE Option - Debt management!

The debt management sector has exploded in recent years with many businesses and organizations joining the fold.

Consumers who are stressed out by their financial problems may find it even more stressful to navigate their options to find the most suitable solutions.

American Debt Enders has provided a viable solution by acting as a hub for these services and providing live customer support so that clients can get the help they need.

American debt enders best review

How to Get Money for Free (Genuine)

Once you have a handful of rich people that are likely to support your cause it's best to contact them with a hardship letter, the hardship letter should contain details of your present circumstances, how much you need and how you plan to use the money, you should finish the letter by describing how much difference a donation would make to your life.

People who give money to help

You should also find the charitable foundation run by these rich people. These organizations will have programs to help people who are experiencing hardship. If you look hard enough you will find a program for absolutely every hardship that's conceivable. If you're looking to make a quick buck through deceiving these organizations then the chances of receiving donations are low. 

 Suppose you want to further your education with free college money you could look at programs available on the George Lucas Edutopia Foundation, Susan Thomson Buffett Foundation, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Suppose you were experiencing financial hardship you could check the programs on offer through the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation which specializes in helping people who are in financial despair. You could also look at contacting celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres who regularly give away free education, free homes, and free cars to their fans and audience.

George Lucas Edutopia Foundation
PO Box 3494
San Rafael
California 94912-3494

Susan Thomson Buffett Foundation
222 Kiewit Plaza Omaha
Nebraska 68131
Telephone: (402) 943-1383

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
East Coast Office
PO Box 6176
Ben Franklin Station
Washington, DC 20044
Telephone: (202) 662-8130

Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation
1635 Market Street
17th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Email: info@JBJSoulFoundation.Org 
Telephone: (215) 636-0420

Free Money Giveaway No Strings Attached

Free money is available for people who are experiencing genuine hardship. Most requests for money are turned down because there is no genuine need - most of these fraudsters are looking for places where to get free cash and they spoil the system for real hardship cases. 

If you're still not convinced and need help for the money you should know that in 2013 alone donations in the US reached more than $50 billion dollars. You can get some of this free money by pro-actively looking for programs to help you. You should definitely try contacting some of the millionaires giving money listed above. 

Can anyone give me money

If you're experiencing financial hardship look for all the foundations which offer financial assistance. If you're looking to improve your prospects look for organizations that offer scholarship programs. If you're looking to start a business check out some of the corporate philanthropy organization which helps business start-ups. Free money giveaway is available if you have a true need and are pro-actively seeking help.

If you're planning on contacting these rich people leave a comment below to support this site so it can reach more people, if you've already contacted rich people with free money giveaway with no strings attached then please leave a comment to share your story.

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