What if...

We've all asked ourselves these big "what ifs" from time to time...
What if you could just wish, and suddenly money would appear when you needed it?
What if there was a secret source of cash that didn't require any work on your part to earn it?
What if there was someone out there, somewhere, that cared enough about you to just hand you the money you wanted or needed?

Stop dreaming, start believing.

I know this sounds like a really bad multilevel marketing scheme that you'd see on tv late at night or some sort of joke.
But it's not a scheme and it's not a joke. I really am that person, that someone out there, that cares enough to hand you the money you want or need.

Just ask.

Just send me an e-mail explaining why you want or need money. I may or may not decide to reward you. I will decide the amount and select the recipients.


This is the place for your requests!

So if you'd like to share in some of my money, all you have to do is ask.
In your request, please be clear on how much money you want or need, and what the purpose is.
Be honest. If you need $20 for a pair of shoes, say so. If you need $100 for rent, then explain that too. If you just want $50 to go out with your friends this weekend, that's what you should tell me.
Be creative. Catch my attention. A poem you wrote, letter, story or other unique something may interest me more than a bland letter. If you'd like to send photos or other documents, use this form to contact me and I'll provide you with an e-mail address to send those other things.
Be patient. I get lots of e-mails and work hard to answer all of them, but this can take time.
Be polite. Remember - not everyone will get money. I do my best to share with as many people as possible. But not everyone's request will be fulfilled.

Click on the request information and please take a moment and fill the request form with basic information!

Please note that you will get the follow up email confirming your successful application if you are selected!

Upon receiving an Email from me, you are obliged to contact me as soon as possible, most preferably in 24 hours.  

*PLEASE NOTE: By sending your request you are opting in to receive a Millionaires Money newsletter.

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The Owner said...

I hear that you are giving away money,I believe that you are a generous guy, My request is..

I ask a thing

I've read it
I've known it
I've seen it

I want some money
needed to pay for a violin
and some lessons for it
a $150 dollars is needed
It is all i needed

Anonymous said...

Hey david i left u a comment on youtube i live in detroit and i believe you are serious bout helpin people with there struggles.

Now i have numerous problems going on i have only one car a 02 monte carlo that is broke down because of a cracked head i basically need a new engine thats gonna b $800 then for parts and labor $750. then i have to worry bout payin off tickets that total $373 and tags going for $94.My car broke down on my bday march 16 2012 it was bad and it hasnt drive since.

I appreciate whatever you can do to help me. i got a few more major problems ill need like $5,000 for everything but im not gone ask for thAt just need a big enough loan sir and id appreciate you very much. You can contact me at devonj09@yahoo.com thank you.

Anonymous said...

Are you interested in giving money to bright medical student, always caring and volunteering for others and taking care of others but himself. Am his mother and always looking after others, too.We need help now. Please . Thanks

Tiffny Cunningham said...

MY NAME IS TIFFNY I UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE IN A POSITION TO HELP SOME PEOPLE OUT WELL IT IS DIFFICULT FOR ME TO ASK FOR A DOLLAR MUCH LESS A HUDGE AMOUNT OF MONEY I BELIVE GOD BROUGHT ME TO THIS WEBSITE FOR A REASON I moved from Texas to Tennessee the end of June I have 4 kids I wasn't sure why but something called me here through my church we are trying to get donations for the homeless but God needs me to do more. He is telling me to help the homeless and to get a building or some land the places he has shown me are around 200,000 I know that's a lot to ask but I am trying to go to school and with the kids I don't have near that, not even a 10th of that so my mission is to have a building big enough or land big enough to accomidate the people I need to serve one of the places I found was a church with a huge kitchen and 8 rooms on like 2 acres another was 5 acres with 4 massive green houses a huge garden I am thinking put the homeless to work and feed them and donate veggies and things to food banks if you can help at all it would be a blessing for hundreds of people thank you so much for taking the time to read this God bless you and your family!

nancy vicente said...

Hi my name is Gina and im a single mother with one 15 year old daughter.we've been homeless for a couple of years.On the 20th of September are time was up at the union rescue mission in Los Angeles and so i went to stay over at a friends house with my daughter.on the 13 of October my friends girlfriend was mad because we were there so his girlfriend kiked us out since the 13 of October we don't have a place to stay at please help us . We were wondering of u could help us with 1,000 for motel and two buy worm food

Anonymous said...

My name is Danny and I just lost my job and I'm worried about getting my kids christmas and paying bills anything could help my email is skate_side806@yahoo.com please reply either way good to know that you atleast read this

kim yahnke said...

Hi I really am in need of some money, My father just passed away and I have not been working. I have 5 girls and had to get tires put on the car and now cant afford the insurance or other bills. I need at least 500.00 I am willing to donate to others when I have money to donate.
I need this very soon.
thank you

Anonymous said...

I am in need of $6000 to catch up on my house and get my car back. I have 3 kids and no where else to turn. I believe God has brought me here. My husband has been waiting and waiting for his VA benefits to come for getting hurt over seas and we seem to be slowly losing everything. His job isnt bringing enough income to help. I cant work because I cant afford daycare. Please help.

natasha ackermann said...

I would frist like to say god blesses you when you bless others..i am in need of 5000 to pay my car loan off and to move me and my daughter out of this week to week pay apartment.please if you could help it would be a answerd prayer..i have pics of us and a if you would like more info please feel free to contact me..and if you are unable to help ..thanks for the chance to ask...thanks

andrea b said...

My name is andrea barickman i was injured on the job in august and i found out they were laying me off i have been in debt i cant pay my bills or rent im going to be evicted before i got laid off i was helping my mother too because she had a stroke i have been struggling i didnt have any money for christmas thisyear so i didnt have i need groceries me and my mother cant eat and then on jan 2 my grandmother passed away she lives outvof state we didnt even have money to go back for the funreral i have been looking for a job but its been rough i really need help so please help me thank u

amy ann wagner said...

hey please help me i have been struggling my whole life have no car and now have a 5 month old baby i am sooo tired of always being stressed out about money, i just want my daughter to be able to have a better childhood than i did... thanks amy wagner

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure if this is a scam or not, but hey what do I have to lose? We are not in dire straights by any means, we manage the debt and are fortunate enough to be gainfully employed. We currently are working on our "debt snowball" and I have a student loan I'd like to pay off. After having two children, I dedided to go to school for nursing to fulfill my need to help others. Eventually we'd like to have this last bit of debt paid off and I'd like to get my family into doing missions to help the poor in the future. I'm sure you get a lot of requests, but I can assure you that we are not a family that depends on others for hand outs. We work hard for a living and manage our money. We dont drive fancy cars, or have a second home in Hawaii. I just figured if someone is willing to give money away, why not us? So if you want to give us money that would be fantastic, we are definitely the kind of people to pay it forward!
Thanks for your consideration.


Anonymous said...

Hello the reason why im asking if you would please help me with money is because im a single mother of three. I have been struggling since I was eighteen and had my first daughter. I would like to be able to buy a home for us so we dont need to move around anymore. My daughter started school this year and she had to change schools three times now. Everytime we move she cries and tells me she will miss all her friends it makes me feel horrible and i tell her I can't help it. If you could donate as much money to me as you can so I can buy a house for us i would greatly appriciate it. If you cant send that much as much as you can will greatly help I need a total of 65,000. But if you send me 1000 i will save it untill i can afford a home

Anonymous said...

I saw your heart when I was looking for help . Wow you are loved by god. Giving with meaning is love ,it gives HOPE to some one you don't know .I hope you know that person is we. We that are in need thank you very much

Lottie Garland said...


Anonymous said...

Hi David,

It's amazing. I googled giving money away and there were you. Hihi! Well I guess you know what I want! I need a 200$. And thank you for doing this! It's great! My email is brownlatina@live.nl

Greets from the Netherlands!

Anonymous said...

Hi, David,
My name is Sharon Perry I need 2000
to get out of an abusive relationship and start my life over. Sharonp8321@Yahoo.com.

2314 Harding rd Augusta ga 30906

Anonymous said...

My husband and I are grateful for people like you! We have 7 children ! My husband commented on your blog and I think you are a blessing! May God bless you! We are asking.for 5000 for our children some beds for there rooms and to start my home.health business! And a desire to take our children.out we have been.though alot.last.year and they deserve it!

Anonymous said...

hi I would like some money please to help take people out and to get there shopping or for a coffee or to give them help round there home that they cant afford I fell so sad for them because they cant afford it there stuck lost longly and in need of help please help my change a few people life and give them some hop back thanks

Caitlin said...

My name is Caitlin, and me and my partner need help with money. Im in the UK currently as i just moved there a few months ago, on a fiance visa. Now we need help paying for the the other visa which is the Spouse visa so i can stay in the UK, which costs $788 which the visa people will take out of my partner's account at any time which theres nothing like that in her account. To add to that after thats paid off we need the money to get groceries for ourselves, our cats and dog, plus topping up the gas and electricty for the rest of the money. We both are not employed and living on benefits but its not enough and we usually end up with no money when its 2 weeks away from the next month, So can you all please help! need at least $5,000 or maybe slightly less my paypal is WhoseLineBabygirl20005@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi! Im single mom with 5 kids all im asking if u can help me to buy shoes for my kids my son is in soccer n he needs soccer shoes I feel bad that he plays n his shoes r tie also they need sweaters my oldest girl is a senior she keeps talking about her prom dress n shows me pictures of th dress she wants I cant afford im on afdc n is only to pay the rent n bills I also wish I can take my kids mcdonalds or a pizza my other kids would like a game not sure of th name im not asking for money if u can send us the gifts

Anonymous said...

I know that this is [rppbably useless, however I am at that o]point where I have to ask for help. Never in my life have I had to take a handout from anyone, I haveworked for over 40 years, this past year has been the year from hell. I had suregery,and have been hospitialized three times this year, I fell behind on my mortgagem I rcieved a notification of foreclosure. I am in need of and extra $1240,00 to catch my mortgafe uo and remain in my home, My God this is embarrassing. If you can find it in your heart to help a little bit I would be very appreciateve, cathy.pelekakis@hotmail.comh

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a single mom and my son is in Gr 12, my first husband was in a car accident in 1991 and is in a Institution fir mentally handicapped people, due to brain damage. I re married again and lost my husband to cancer when my son was 4. I would like to give him an further education, but are in arrears with credit cards and monthly expenses. I use the Law of Attraction and I believe that is the reason for ending on your site. I''ll stay possitive. Thank you and God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Hello Im 24 yrs old married. Need help , my wife is losing her job because the company decided to close down. This is the second time this happens to us. Need help to pay for our only car roughly about $2, 500 or anything really would help us a lot. Would greatly appreciate your help. I think what you so is amazing , if I could I would so it myself I think everyone should have an opportunity or second chance. Thankyou for your time.


josh taylor said...
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josh taylor said...

hey my name is michael. im 32 i never had a vehicle ive got three children and i need a ride. it's hard as hell and growing being rode around i need one badly. give me a hollar i need about 2500$


Melissa Thornton said...

I Don't have some immaculate story about why i should deserve someone to donate money to me, just that im a 26 year old girl who has worked hard all her life and really desires to be financially stable in this world so I can finally start a family before too much more time passes.
Me and my partner are so kind and caring and believe in 'what goes around comes around' so we are always generous to others when we can be and would never turn away someone that needed a helping hand.
We want to be able to offer our family stability and a beautiful home without stresses of a huge mortgage and bills we cannont cover but in this expensive world it seems so hard to get infront.
I would give anything in my capability if someone was kind enough to make our dreams come true.
here's to dreaming :) any amount would be greatful paypal: melissaandshayne@bigpond.com
Melissa xxx

Teresa said...

Hi I am Teresa, my husband married another woman and i am left with two children, i jjust need some money to tak a seperate rented house for my children and myself. I do not want to live with my sisters who do not even give us food to eat. In Indian currency I need 3 or 4 lakhs, i will pay u back if possible when my daughter starts working but as of now can u please do the needfull, i really want to fulfill my children's needs and want explore the world with them rather than being caged in the 4 walls all the time.

Thanking you, I remain,
Tours sinserely

Anonymous said...

Bonjours je me présente mon nom est Marie-Ève. Je voudrais commencer par vous dire que je trouve cela très généreux de votre part d'aider les gens dans le besoin. Nous aurions besoin de votre aide, habituellement ont sorganise seul mais sait temps si nous sommes vraiment dans le besoin car nous avont un petit garçon de 8 mois, ont n'as de la misère à aller à tout ses rendez-vous médicaux. Parce que nous n'avons pus de véhicule pour ce déplacer et nous habittons à 45 minutes de tout les haupitaux.Nous gardont toute nos petite économie quand nous avons locasion pour payer notre logement. Après tout cela nous n'avons plus les moyens de ce procurer des vêtements et faire une épicerie car il y a seulement mon conjoin qui travaille et moi je ne peut travailler car j'allaite mon petit garçon. Nous aurions de besoin 1500$ pour une voiture, 600$ pour du linges parce que nous n'avont plus un morceaux de linge pour à ce mettre sur le dos et un siège d'auto. Merci boucoup cela nous aiderais boucoup. Si vous acceptez notre demande se serais la première fois que l'ont se ferais aider. Encore merci milles fois.

Anonymous said...

hello I saw in website U r giving free money to people in need. I want to buy a laptop computer for my daughter kindly donate one.

Adele33 said...

My name is caytlynn I'm 12 years old I'm writing this for my mum she thinks it's not real but me and my 2 sisters will try any thing to see my mum be happy again :) my step dad left us recently and took everything and now we don't have a car, my mum is off work because she keeps crying and can't eat a thing because she is so worried about money and that we will be sad to not get to our after school clubs. She won't leave the house just now I know she will be strong again soon she just needs some luck please give her £800 for a car so she has one less thing to worry about. Hope you have the time to read my story and I hope my mum don't give me into trouble for using her blogg thing hehe <3 xxxxx

Vivian Remoy said...

I am a married mother of 3 whose husband was recently sentenced to 14 yrs in a state prison. I am struggling by myself and need help with my bills and to purchase a car so that i can take my kids to school and get to work on time. whatever you can spare would be greatly appreciated. thank you for just being a kind enough person to help others like me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Whom it may concern, I am writing to ask for a donation in trying to turn my life aroundI know that this is not a normal situation where you donate but I hope you can make an exception after you read my story It is not easy to talk about my problems but I felt if I had any chance of getting help I should be honest I am 30years old and I was a gambling addictSince an early age I gained an interest in playing poker and from it lost much moneyIn the process I borrowed the maximum money I could from people I know and the banksI am currently out of a job and struggling to live...I have thought of every possible way to get out of this problem and this is my last hope I have even thought about selling my organs and ending my life due to the stress that comes from debt problems I have read around to better understand your foundation and understand this is not where you normally donate moneybut I hope you can make an exception and help me in trying to turn my life aroundI really do want to live a normal life and I would be eternally greatful if you could help My father always told me that if you were honest with the people we meet they will always try to do there best to help you in times of needI cannot put into words the hard times I am experiencing but I hope you could look at me with sympathy and help If you could help I promise to stay in contact to show you how you made a difference in my life I would also like to follow in your footsteps and try to help others in need when I am back on my feet Thank you for reading my email and I hope to hear from you soon Thank you Yours sincerely, Sae-hyung Oh

Anonymous said...

I love to help out needy people who are stuck without any help but don't make enough money to help them!I know of one youg girl trying to leave where she lives but don't have any money to move!I know anothr person looking to come home from another country,but she lost her plane ticket,and needs money to buy a new one!I have other freind in need but can;t help them!Mike harrington,sfBOOMS

Anonymous said...

I would love to have a car. I am sixty and can not afford to buy one. I would like to take my grandchildren out for lunch or dinner.si

Anonymous said...

Hi to some one i need some help just took sick .I'm 36 just had a hearttac about lost my only have three days to come up wit 850.00 to keep my place please help. if u could sent it to my account031101169

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Bradley, I'm a physics and engineering student and my school is being paid through scholarships and loans. It is hard to make ends meet, I do not have a job, I am constantly doing schoolwork, and my parents do not make enough money to help me. What I would ask for is about 25,000$, enough so that I do not have to take out anymore loans the next three years and so that I can pay back the loans I have already recieves.

Any amount will be greatly appreciated
Contact me at btid1211@gmail.com if you are willing
Regards, Bradley

Anonymous said...

Hi, I don't have a sad story. I am very blessed. Both my partner & I have a job and a house. We were both unemployed a couple of years ago and had to charge a large amount of money and I had to sell a newer car and get an older one. I would love for us to have no credit card debt so we do not have to live check to check. I am asking for $17,000. I would appreciate it so much! I know it's a lot. Thanks for listening. Bless you for helping people...

Anonymous said...

I was 29 partying, traveling, having fun and living free when damn I'm struck by a Rare BRAIN DISEASE!!
My mom retired early to ensure I THRIVED and OH MY GOSH I'M STILL ALIVE!!!!
Now were drowning in debt but I keep repeating DON'T FRET DON'T FRET!!!!
Our debt ranges from $30 to 16 grand but WHATEVER you put in my Hand will make me YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN!!!!!!

I have before and after pics if you'd like to see. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems strange to be posting a comment on your website. Truthfully it's not who I am. I guess like everyone else I'm looking to get ahead in life. I don't consider myself a greedy person..certainly not the type to ask for help..My name is Rachael I'm 31 years old and soon to be a mother for the first time. I don't really have much, I come from a family of simple people. My Dad is a hard working man (a factory worker) my mum is a cleaner. we have never had much but a family with lots of love to share and is love by many. I have lived a very quiet life. never traveled anywhere..could never afford to but although I have not seen the great wonders of the world I am content. Two years ago I met my husband. I love him dearly although it can be hard sometimes because of his disability I can honestly say I've never loved anyone more. we cant really afford to be married but the vowels we took on the beach together and the exchange of some simple rings we brought out of our tax checks were more than enough. my husband always says it's the marriage that counts not the wedding.. I'm inclined to agree! I work with children and love what I do. if I had one wish.. just one.. it would be to be able to be able to take a small holiday somewhere.. :) I'm currently saving for a night away in a nice hotel!! very exciting! I dont really expect anything to come about from this.. but if I could just leave an impression.. sometimes a good simple life with love and so many beautiful blessing is more than anyone could ask. I hope with all my heart everyone here who has asked for money for this that or the other, still finds the many blessings in their life with or without money. Thank you for listening to me.


Anonymous said...

Hi David,
Thank you lord for the saint is reading this post! I am currently 7 months pregnant with my second child. I have a five year old boy who just started school. I currently live with his father and we are having a little girl now. We are both very excited to be having a girl but very depressed that our current financial situation is stopping us from providing properly for our children. We are very behind in bills and seem to never get ahead! We are currently driving a very unsafe car that is not registered or insured. The worry of being pulled over when ever we go out is getting to me! We have not been able to purchase anything for the new baby on the way. We are struggling to buy food and gas to get to work and my doctor appointments. With these constant struggles it is becoming almost unreal to stay current or catch up the bills so that we can start getting things we need for the family. The company I work for has closed down 3 days during the week, which has pretty much eliminated all my hours. I have applied for unemployment but my company is trying to fight me on receiving benefits because i was first hired as a seasonal employee. I only received 9 hours of work in the month of march and a total of 14 hours in the month of feb. I have been actively looking for other opportunities but no one is willing to hire a 7 month pregnant woman! I do receive medicaid and WIC but are not able for food stamps because the state said my boyfriend makes to much money. We are living in a trailer that we feel is not sufficient for a newborn baby, so we are trying to move also. Sad to say we cannot get a new car or a better place to live because both of our credit scores are not high enough! The constant financial and worry of all our problems has got me so down and out that i have had to see a therapist. (thank the lord my medicaid has paid for that) Any donation to help us in our quest for a better life and to get out of debt soon, to be able to afford the things we need for the new baby would be so much appreciated! God bless to you. Thank you for your consideration! Cory

Anonymous said...

I am a mother of three boys that love skate parks. I have been working for over a year trying to get a local skate park in our area I have been able to raise some money but really need another 10000 to finish. We live where there is nothing to do for the children and Alcohol and drugs are creeping in and I feel this skate park could give the kids an out, give them something else to do rather than drinking behind the local corner store

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir/Madam:

My husband and I are both not working but actively looking for work. I borrowed this computer from a friend to write this. We are both very depressed that our current financial

situation is stopping us from providing properly for our children. We are very behind in bills and seem to never get ahead! We are

currently driving a very unsafe car that is not registered or insured (cannot afford to pay for monthly insurance bill and gas). The

worry of being pulled over when ever we go out is getting to me!. We are struggling to buy food and gas to get to various


With these constant struggles it is becoming almost unreal to stay current or catch up on the bills so that we can start getting things

we need for the family. I have applied for unemployment but they refused the benefits. My husband in not well physically. He has

bad back and elbows. He used to run his own business in property maintenance but cannot physically do it now. So he lost all of

his customers because of him being sick. He did not qualify for EI benefits because he did not contribute to EI benefits. I am

actively looking for any full time job but so far no luck. We are living in a 2 bedroom house that we feel is not sufficient for 4 people

(we have 2 kids, 8 and 10 yr. olds). We have a tiny kitchen with no dishwasher and no storage for our meagre food supply. We

have 3 cabinets in the kitchen and we use a small dining table to do all the cooking. Sad to say we cannot get a new car or a better

place to live because both of our credit scores are not high enough! We are currently going through a Consumer Proposal which

will be ended in 2 yrs. from now. We owe the creditors $5000.

The constant financial worry of all our problems has got me so down and out that i have had to see a doctor for depression.
I cannot afford to pay for the proffesional help at the moment.

My kids need new clothing for the summer and I have no money for the clothing. I may require a full time babysitter which will

cost $1200 a month for the summer time as well but cannot afford one. So my husband will have to stay home to take care of the

kids in the summer time.

Any donation to help us in our quest for a better life and to get out of debt soon, to be able to afford the things we need would be

so much appreciated! God bless to you. Thank you for your consideration.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving me this oppurtunity. I am a firefighter and have a daughter with a 2yo,a son in high school and a daughter going to college this year. We sold our house last year and are renting. Its tough to stay above water without being able to get ahead. I am asking for 25,000 to clear some revolving debt and get some breathing room. I risk my life to help people for an average salary and enjoy doing it. I guess its me who needs a little help now.
Thank you for your consideration.

Anonymous said...


monica bermudez said...


monica bermudez said...



shanautica allen said...

Hi my name is Shanautica Allen I am A single with two kids. I have no job and behind on my rent. I am asking for 300 dollars so I can pay this off so went want be homeless. You can email me at lilnaynay@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi :)
I am a 21 year old postgrad student.
I work every hour god sends as a home care assistant for the elderly. This costs me a lot of money in petrol for the car which i receive no help from my employer or the government.
I live in the UK where very little help is given to students.
I have recently gotten out of a financially abuse relationship - he took everything. I have nothing left to pay for petrol for food or anything. I am struggling!
$100 dollars would fill my tank and let me get to work for a few weeks and that would be great :)
I hope to hear from you soon

sascha wittig said...

Hi there I'm in a deep struggle I need to pay for food and shelter my rent is £1000 per month and food cost around £250 per month if you do the maths that's £15,000 per year I have lost my job due to the shop being shut down for financial reasons and I cannot support myself to live I do not have a car so I cannot get work anywhere else and there are no local trainstations near pls it would help me so much just to fund this year my email address is sascha11@hotmail.co.uk thanks :)

Anonymous said...

My name is Melissa,
I'm really terrible at writing I can explain. Everything if u call me. PLEASE 347-367-1078.

Anonymous said...

I have a student loan that I would like to get off my back. It was a mistake because I'm still at my same job but really enjoy what I do and enjoy what I make money wise and want to retire here. I think that I just rushed and should have thought it through more. It is currently the only debt I have and I believe 28,000 would cover it. I just started paying on it last August 2012. If you could help that would be great, if not no problem. Thanks for the people that you do help. It's very cool what you do. My email os dbeech2983@gmail.com

Bugatti D'jai said...

Hello, Please Help Me With My Equipment For School In August / 2013. I Would Like To Request 3000.00 To Help With The Purchase Of D.j. Equipment. Please Reach Me Via Cellular : 602-350-3645 Or Via E-mail : bugattistayshinin@gmail.com

Thank You For Your Time And Efforts And Respectfully,

Alonzo Walker

Saint said...

Thank you for the interest shown.
Please use my contact form on the top.
I hope I will manage to help you all. :)

rickwarren061166@gmail.com said...

Hello. You said to be honest. I am a truck driver. Seldom ever see my wife. We talk every day. All day long. I came up with a stupid plan to get enough money to pay my truck off so I could afford to just run local. I lost it all. Now we are in worse financial shape. Bad enough now that if I could just go back in time and be where I was, I would be beyond happy and our life could be normal again. This may not seem like much to you, or it may sound huge compaired to other request. Nine thousand would replace the money and undo my stupidity that has hurt my family and our finances.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Tracy I am from East London South Africa, I work full time my husband works from home my salary does not cover my monthly rental i have to keep borrowing every month for the shortfall which is getting harder to do every month, I look after my father as well who does only get a very small pension, if there is someone out there that can assist with purchase of a home or help me get out of my financial situation, my debt is in the range of R100000.00, it would be greatly appreciated, proof of the debt can be provided if asked for, please rental is due again in 3 days and dont have enough, I am already one month in arrears, HELP ME PLEASE

Anonymous said...

Hi, me and my sister live with our mothers who's about to lose the house.. Just look for some help if there's anyone nice out there. I'm not sure how much she owes, my dad is so far behind on child support and we don't want to throw him in jail so I have no other options but ask

Anonymous said...

I am an extremely capable and motivated person who wants to succeed in life. I am a 27year old single mother of 2. I now need financial help to get a car. My son & I have been walking for months without a car. I am pregnant with my 2nd child and dont have any money to get a car. I really need transportation. I only need $3000 to get a reliable car. If I had transportation then I would be able to get back on my feet. If you can help in any way I really appreciate it. Thank You Contact email: ajb0203.ab@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi I am sooooooo happy that there are good people who help others still. My name is Jessica. My husband is disabled and we have 2 small children and trying to live on $540.00 dollars a month fixed income. I am looking for $550,000 dollars to get out of debt, get my husbands driver license back, fix my home, and pay off my schooling. Our bills are about to be cut off and I have no where to turn. Again I am very happy that there are still good people out in this world with very big hearts. My email address is whizzer201389@yahoo.com. please me and my family are about to loose everything that we have.

Anonymous said...

Hi, people like you really restore my faith in the human race.I live in Scotland, I am about to become homeless as my landlord has decided to sell my flat. I got medically discharged from the British Army and have spent time on the streets before, I am terrified that I'm going to be right back where I started. The bank won't give me any money as I am a full time student, however if I end up homeless I will have to leave uni as you need a permanent address to be a student. The flat is worth £70, 000 however if I got a 10% deposit the bank has agreed to help me. I beg you for help as I don't know where else to turn. My email is gaylesmillie@hotmail.com
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

hello i am in need of so money so that i can afford the insurance for my car as it is essential for me to get around and i have also promised my best friends that i would take them camping when i have the insurance for my car and your money would help me a lot. my email is chrisjeston@hotmail.co.uk

Mandi said...

Hello... My name is Mandi. I am a 23 year old girl living in Missouri. I have what I like to call the worst luck a girl could have. lol I try to keep a smile on my face no matter how hard a day gets. I had a very tough childhood, after being sexually abused my family turned on me as if it were my fault. I moved in with my mom at fifteen due to such circumstances. Finally thinking I was falling into a "normal" life in 2007, I was hit with a major reality check about a month after my 17th birthday. My house burnt down and was a total loss. Not only did the fire start in the outlet just above my bed... I was rooming in the basement at the time. what didnt burn was flooded not just from the firehoses but also our septic lateral busted. I started life over without clothes or anything other than what I was wearing. I was unable to move in with my mom and step father when they got a place to stay due to the lack of room. Since then I have moved 61 times. Soon to be 62 times...only thing is I do not a place to go. I have lived in a tent and a car and a picnic table and many friends couches. I even got on my feet and had a place of my own for some time. I ended up getting ill due to contaminated water where I was living. I was sick for over a year. I had even come to the realization that my illness was going to be the end. Some how I have overcome it for the most part though I still have complications from it. I have worked as many as 4 jobs at a time to make ends meet but always seem to hit a dead end... and a couple dead beets. I have bent over backwards for everyone I can even though I know they haven't returned the favor. But I don't do it for points or recognition... I do it because that is what we are supposed to do right? I just want to ask for enough money to get an rv or travel trailer. I would love to be able to go find myself out on the road one day... Its my dream... But that is not currently in my forecast. Right now I just need a home. I am wanting to invest in an rv because even if I cant find somebody to live with I can keep off the ground, keep from getting sick, stay safe from weather, have my dogs with me... The only family I have really... I have always been independent and stubborn, willing to be broke and homeless to make sure others don't go without. Well it seems now that I have lost my job and don't have means of income to help others with, I have nobody. I have never asked for money before but I am running out of time and options. If you have it to spare I could use some help. Really need probably $5,000, but at this point $5 would be a blessing. If this is real and you can find it in your heart to help me, Ill work it off... anything... Thank you and god bless you! My e-mail address is mandi5means4biz@live.com

Anonymous said...

Hello david, firstly i think what your doing is very selfless. I would like to request £1000 off you ( i understand its in dollars but im happy to get it transferred) i am requesting the money because i am a student. I am the only one in my family to go to university and the tuition fee is £9000 a year. The money is because i would like to buy a car so i can travel to uni more easily, it is currently 2 buses and a train to get there everyday and it costs alot of money. I do work i go to uni full time and work 3 hours a day after uni and make £150 a week. That has to be used for rent bills, food, travel and, study equipment. Its hatd. I dont have any family around to help me and so it has resulted to this. My email is teejay_9460@yahoo.co.uk and i hope you read this message. Any money you can send would be a big help, i find 1000 a lot to ask however that would be to cover the price of the car, its just a old 10 year old £500 car and insurance for the year. I appreciate you taking your te to read my message

melissa gavigan said...

Hi my name is Melissa.I am a single mother of two girls two and five, I don't have any family around and that people I have helped out before seem to have disappeared when I asked for help.... I was hoping to get $1000.00 to help with my rent and bills so that we do not get evicted or lose utilities....I have nothing right now because I will be going to school soon to become a lawyer and in all honesty I have never needed to ask for help before.... If you can help that would be greatly appreciated

Thank you in advance (mjgavigan@live.com)

Anonymous said...

Hi I need assistance on getting a car, I don't care if its used or not I need some type of help getting around I'm currently in school and focusing on chasing my dreams in the music industry as an upcoming producer but, life is hard when you have to walk around everywhere in a dangerous area I just need help of 10,000 that's IT! Thanks and you can contact me by email:


Thanks in advance and god bless you!

XxjosieXx said...

Hi, Ive been searching for so long to find someone like you who can give us money without any return. I think God used the internet as a instrument to solve our financial problem. I live in the Philippines as you all know Philippines is a very poor country. My mother and my father got divorced we have nothing to eat and to pay for school. We once been looking for junks just to have money to buy foods. Thank god my mother had her work as an helper inside the law office. My father never support us for our daily expenses, school. nothing! We always cry but We know we can solved this. God is with us. I will not say how much you would like to give us. but please be pity we really need money and I want to graduate to help my family but how can I graduate if we don't have money to enter school again. This opening, soon if we can pay for school because of your help I'll be graduating in High School and my younger brother also needed some school supplies for his schooling. He is a honor student. were very grateful to have him and he really want to go to school but we don't have money to bring him in school. So please please help us. Any amount of money that you can give that can help us a lot. I know our financial problem is very big. But I know your gods instrument to help people like us who is in need. Thank you so much! I wish you have time to read my Message and request. Here's my email josie_tomlinson@yahoo.com I'll be waiting for your reply. I wish you can do a very quick solution to my problem. God bless you and Thank you so much. :)

a_Bear_And_a_Picnic_Basket said...

Hi, I am writing because I really don't where else to turn. I just recently separated the USAF this past October (6yrs). I had to make this decision because of a few major injuries and conditions that occured. I'm still kind of young (26yrs old) and eagered to start my own business even though I have these issues. I'm starting to get wery with my $35,000 debt and health issues staring in the face. Its bothering me because I can't find a job and I can't afford to get my injuries repair. I'm also battling with the VA to get my disability compensation. I'm not big on asking for help. I've always been self sufficient. Somehow I ended up in the rut in my life. So I run up on this website and decided to give this a try. I honestly have no where else to turn. I grew up in a poor family and i really don't have any help. I know you receive a lot of requests like this one and trust me, this is real and sincere. I would truly appreciate and accept anything that you are willing to give me. God knows I need the help. You can contact me yogumz23@gmail.com. I really appreciate you taking out the time to read my post. I gratefully appreciate you for your time and consideration.

bella wiggin said...

thank you David for accepting my request!your making a difference in this world and i am living proof!god bless!!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot afford my online high school tuition. I live in a small town so it's my only option. It is a grand total of 12000$ and I could use a little help, well a lot of help. Anything would help, a couple hundred, a couple thousand. ANYTHING would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you. Michellehatfield99@yahoo.com

amanda tolbert said...

Need your help single mother of a adorable little two year old I'm 21 and I wont my son to have what I never had please email me back

Jo'ella Bell said...

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Jo'ella Bell said...

Check out the business spot. It will help bring income in, cheap cost of 4.99. Refer friends to site please

Anonymous said...

I'm 23 yrs old
Want to pay my way through nursing school
Buy a new car
Buy new clothes
Enjoy my 20s without being stressed..

I'm a single mother of two children also..

I don't have a real sad story as some ppl may need money more than me but I thought it was worth a shot
I would like 20,000 but I will accept anything .. Beggars can't be choosey. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I'm a 16 old girl...Our church is in need of money to build a new one...The church we have now is to small for all of us and its falling a part... We love our church very much but we need a need one... Plz help... "Referred by Kervin"

Josh said...

I understand that you are a busy guy, I mean you even said you get hundreds of requests all the time. You are doing a great thing. Thank you for taking the time to consider all of these requests! You are a God-send. I am not sure if $1,000 is your limit, but if it is not, my wife and I could use around $100,000. I am currently deployed in Afghanistan and I would like to surprise my wife with a new car without breaking the bank. I would also like to pay off some debt. Again thanks for what you are doing here, and I hope you consider me for your charity.

Jade said...

Hi. I am seeking some financial help to get onto the property ladder. I am currently in an unsuitable rented home with no heating and its freezing as the winter approaches. I would love the full price of a home so around 340000 but I am only looking for enough for the deposit so I can mortgage the rest unless you are feeling more generous. A deposit would be around 100000 and that would include legal fees and stamp duty.
Hope you can help me.

Anonymous said...


i am asking for money because i would like to be debt free and set up an home for me and my gf , i try to help out my family where i can and but i always end up havng to say no most of the time i work like made to try and help , any cash would be an great help at this time of year ,

may thanks for reading

look forward to hearing back from you


Anonymous said...

I am asking for money to go to Zagreb for a day with my family ( I'm 13, from Croatia). We have no enough money so i'd like maybe 1000$, so we can spent a nice time. It would make me very happy, but I understand if there are some more important cases. i am very embarassed, but I wanna live! Ly, Stela.

Sam Oka said...

Hi i am from Egypt, and facing a financial problem. We cant afford school, rent, taxes and food. we haven't paid rent and taxes for a long time which add up to 5000$ and the owners of the houses will take the house away from us we haven't paid that amount and we arrest my dad. I have been to a school for 3 years and didn't pay the tuition which is 4500$ and finally we just want 500$ to afford transportation and food.. that all add up to 10000$ i really need you to send us that money we are in need for it. our life is going to change 100% so please please try to help us and send us the money as soon as possible or contact me.
p.s if we didn't pay the money we will be living on the street with no food and education and nothing. so please help us ASAP ….. thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Im a 24 year old mother in scotland. Since my partner got laid off from work in november we have struggled massively. I have managed to scrape by but our debts are just building up. He has 2 other children who stay with us at weekends. Weve managed to keep a healthy relationship with his ex for the kids sake but now because we have falken behind on child maintenance she has started threatening us with the CSA. I have just got a new job that pays crap but its full time. I cant meet my rent this month or pay child maintenance again and I really need help. Because ive missed payments on bills my credit rating has plumited and I cant get a loan. Ive sold whatever I can and asked family for help... ive even applied for a 2nd job but I am struggling so badly. Ive never been in.this position and have always worked for everything I have but im truely stuck.. I hope you can help us. I would even pay you back. I need about £1000 to pay rent and bills tjis month. My rent is £600. Kids money is £280 and bills make it over a grand but I could pay a little of it off myself. Thanks for reading this, I appreciate your time x

Sue Min CHONG said...

Hi generous person!

I have searching all over google for someone generous who could give me some money to buy Minecraft. I know that i'm crazy for asking money for a game, but somehow i got so adicted to that game and i want the full version with all the new updates and stuff. It only costs $26.95 and thats all i need. please send me money as soon as you can. Thank you. :)

Loreta said...

Hey! My name is Loreta. I am poor and i need some money for my education in collage. I don`t have anyone who could help me and this is my last chance. I really want to continue studies in this school and become succesful in life. Now i am working in two jobs ,but still that is not enaugh to pay all the bills and for my studies. I will be thankfull for anything that you can give me. I am really desperate.

Anonymous said...

I am in need of money for a car. Not a new one but a used car. I have an 18 yr Autistic Child and a 16 yr old teen. My wife is a Daycare providor with not much work becaue of the economy. I am a Mech. designer (not a high paid Designer).Bill's have been tough. 10K would really

Yiet Yiet said...

Hi my name is Rose. I need that you take in consider my request, I need $7,500 to save my family house. I got scam at work last year.
Im wating for justice here in my country guatemala city, but until now, It have been impossible.

So please, if you can help me with this... or if you can help me with some staff that I could sold here in my country, would be great... I hope to here from you soon...

Anonymous said...

After sandy a friend of my daugters came to me to borrow money that she knew I had to take care of my 90 year old mother with dementia.she kept begging me because her husband wasnt working and she had 3 boys 2 of which were in pampers.I lent her a little at a time because she swore up and down to me she was going to pay me back with her one time payment of ssd. and ssi back in august of 2013. to this day im still waiting fot her one time lump sum payment to pay me back. Within 10 months she swiped out my mothers mine and my daughters saveings account of 62,000.she left me in a nightmare that gets worse every day.I owe rent on both apartments my mothers and mine my mother cant even get a newspaper by the door her house phone is shut off and I pay her television when the aid calls me to say the television is off I have bills of my mothers piled up on the dineing room table one of which is a credit card bill over a year and a half old of 1,000.my mothers perfect credit score is now ruined along with mine and my daughters.my mothet has a full time live in aid who I pay 500 dollars a weekI owe her 2,570 and shes says Im makeing a fool out of her by not paying her and the owner of the agency calls me every day to pay the aid marlene other wise they will call 911 and take my mother away and have me arrested I have 2 cousins my mothers sisters daughters and when I ask them to please help me out with a loan they threaten me and tell me to stop asking them for money otherwise they will have the police come to my door.my cousins have money to help me they were both school teachers and both are married to doctors. one has a summer home in florida while I have a summer home in forest park. I was ran over by a car crossing the street in march of 2011 for which I expect a settlement within a few months my daughters friend well again shes saying in a month or 2 because the heart doctor just gave his aproval for her disability.with all this mess I need 20,000 for which when I get money I will pay you back this way you can continue helping people out in distress like me. im at the end of my rope. as soon as I get money I will send back what you lend me.thank you and may god bless. my name is judy ingargiola my adress is 83-55 woodhaven blvd woodhaven queens ny apt.5L 11421 my telephone number is 1347 553 0033 and my email is judycat@lawyer.com again thank you ever so much.

Anonymous said...

To the owner of this blog,

It seems to me that life just keeps snowballing. You would think that the little things wouldn't mean much be they keep adding up too.

I am currently a teacher in South Korea. I'm madly in love with a Korean girl and I'm learning Korean. Aside from the possible language issue, we're dealing with cultural conformity issues. I want to marry her but it is conventional in Korea for the man to have quite a bit of money. (In the past it was about $100K.) Luckily my finance would like me to only save about $15K and she will help me keep the rest of the wedding costs and housing under control once we're married.

Here in lies the little problems. Because I have student loans, I have been struggling to save money. On top of that, because of the student loans, I have been continuously putting off dental work. Now I have almost continuous bad breath and it's really annoying my fiance. We have had so many problems getting over the cultural stuff, but it feels like this 'bad breath' issue could be a breaking point. It's just been building up.

I can't even imagine if how you can help me, but anything would be great.

All my best.


keizi said...

Bismillah Rahmaanir-Raheem

Assallamu aleikum
My respected brothers and sisters. Am writing to you with a heavy heart and with tears gushing from my eyes due to the sadness i carry with me always, may His mercy and blessing be on you, seeking a favor from you.am complaining to you for what has happened to me seeking a solution firstly from Allah and then from you for matters which are too heavy for me, am helpless in combating the problems and for that I have resorted to seeking help from Allah first and from you.
My life is filled with sad times but i hope with Allah's blessing and your support i will be able to put a smile on my face once again. My troubles started when i lost my father,since then life turned up side down in terms of financial support, to make matters worse i lost my father when i was in India doing my studies.Now am stranded in India because i do not have any support from anyone,my mother was a wife and she is suffering from multiple sickness of which she is bed ridden.Am so helpless that i depend on my few friends for housing and feeding but my only hope of helping my mother is when i finish my MBA degree but i have no support to finish my studies or to go back home,since i do not have money.
In Allah's name the Almighty,The most powerful,The creator,The most compassionate i humbly ask you to help me finish my studies,so that i can help my mother.I know you might ask what about your other family members ,my dear brothers and sisters am all alone no one is willing to help me,am so sick of my condition that i do not have even food to eat now.I swear in Allah's about my situation.
Hopefully if i finish my studies i can work for you,Am in Os-mania university Hyderabad India,i will fully send all my details if you need them.Am a Uganda by nationality and my name is kayondo swaliki.My condition is too sad,I hope and hope Allah will always be with you.
May Allah's blessings and peace be upon our beloved prophet(SWA) ,his family and to all is entire UMMAh. Am.Am so humbled and happy to be your brother.Hope to hear from you soon. I need $ 1500 dollars for my college fees and my mothers treatment.
Yours kayondo

laura redden said...

I have worked hard my whole life. Been married to one man for 38 years. I would like to take a road trip to see northwest America. Just want to travel a little. Never had extra money for something like this. We get by, we are not hungry. We love our country. Thank you kindly!

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for what you gave everyone that ask you i have one gift give a bible with ever one you help

Papirus si Iasomie said...

Dear Sir,

Simply I need 10000 Dollar
I really need it. I’m losing my family & my life going in front of my eyes while I can do nothing
You could say to me go & get a job, well, in fact I have a good job in an important Authority in my Country Egypt & I consider a successful employee there but I’m falling under much money I have to pay back to the owner of the flat I renting & another sum for my family & friends, not just this my wife is foreigner (Romanian) & she didn’t see her family since almost 3 years while she is their only child.. Not this just, we have a son his grand’s from the side of his mother & the family there didn’t see him except on the PCs camera only Since he Born ( Our Son is 2 years & 3 Months)... my wife have Virus B & since two years & half she didn’t follow any treatment for this.
So we need the money to travel to the family of my wife & finally see her happy with her family & they finally see their grandson & also to follow the treatment again especially the doctors before said the hope to be cured is big & much important to give our family the chance for a new start & the hope for the life too, by the way I’m Muslim but not a terrorist, you could say to me go & pray to your God may he respond to your prayers & here when I asking you I see your responds is from the God responding too, you think I’m another beggar .. if you think it’s easy to me , you have to know that I was ever think I could begging someone in my life, but saving my family deserves everything even if I will sell my flesh .. I’m so afraid what if I die now? What they will do? My son when he gets sick I’m dying from the idea to not have a enough money to cure him… I’m not hanging out; I’m not drinking or even smoking... One day I was sportive... Now all I want is saving my family & make the hope with a new start back to it ... That’s all
This message as I sent to you I sent to others & it’s not a way to collect a fortune, all I need is what I asked & it’s enough with me to save the situation which i explained it honestly & with nothing over.

I know too there are many in need more than me & hope my message reminds you with them & anyway I will do my best to pay back this money when we stand on our feet again, the goodness deserve to be continued.
Thank you

Karim Youssef

Alexandria, Egypt

Here my bank account in case you want to send the help to us (yes I have a bank account but it’s almost empty now)

richyray said...

I just want to be the best possible man I can be. My mother and father died never being the awesome people they could of been. I don't want to die from old age knowing I just never gave it my best possible effort. Life is the ability to forgive and if we never learn to forgive we will never learn to truly love, and if we never learn to love we are already three parts dead.

Anonymous said...

Well , just about every bit of money I have gets spent on everyone else in the household ... Id just enjoy $150 to have a day to myself. -one tired mommy !

Anonymous said...

I am trying to rebuild my life after getting out of an abusive relationship. My son lives in a different state and I would like to buy a safe home so we can be together again. It was my choice to have him stay with his father until I obtained a safe environment for him to grow up inI am trying to rebuild my life after getting out of an abusive relationship. My son lives in a different state and I would like to buy a safe home so we can be together again. It was my choice to have him stay with his father until I obtained a safe environment for him to grow up in. Any amount will help and be greatly appreciated :). Any amount will help and be greatly appreciated, but need about 100,000 :)

Nancy Langley said...

Well we sure need more of you in this world, thats for sure. Wheather its help with money or helping with listening etc etc... God Bless ya there ��☝Amen

Im just going to be completely honest, Im so behind on my bills, (rent, lights, water) I have a car payment, insurance and fone payment each month..we dont hardly have food, my son needs shoes, he starts his new job this week finally, he uses my sisters car or walks because he wants me to keep my car, hes scared im going to have a seizure... but I got faith... I get that ssi check each month for $733.00 and still cant keep up with all the bills including food for the cats & dogs... I never ask but honestly Im desperate really, Im slipping into depression, I get stressed real easy and I just cant handle ppl talking or noises... all because I feel like Im drowning in debt, starving and now exhausted.. with $14,000 I could pay off my car, buy my son a used car, pay up our bills, light, water,rent and FOOD...it would be nice to eat some good food... please consider helping out, before I lose hope in myself and give up.. all this and that has drove me to a breaking point! ����������������

Austin said...

Hi mine is simple, i started a house removal business over a year ago but have recently come into some hard times.

Im requesting the sum of $200 to get my vans back on the road

It would be greatly appreciated and most graciously accepted if you where to chose to help me out.

thank you for your time.

Joe said...

I am looking for a investor to invest $14,000,000 in my chain of fast food restaurants . I plan to build at least 5 fast food restaurants around over populated area's and major cites in strategic locations around Canada to start then expand to America and over to the U.K. With 5 fast food restaurants and 2 meal processing factories up and running i will be able to sell at least 500 meals per day at each location or more for the first year. By year 2-3 I will be expected to sell 3,000 meals per day at each location. With sales estimated over 3,000 meals per day for all 5 locations each year totaling $54.7 million each year. After paying Hydro , Gas , Water Bills and all employee's , covering all the food and beverages cost for the year after taxes my business will profit $30 million - $35 million each year and will continue to increase each year. But my plans are to have at least 30 fast food restaurants by 2025. When my 30 fast food restaurants are up and running i will be expected to sell over 10,000 meals a day at each of my locations yearly revenue are expected to reach $1,095,000,000 billion each year . By year 2025 i will then expand through franchising and super market placements. if you cant help for free then think about investing with me.
I am willing to give up 10% of my yearly net income each year to you if you can help me out.

kelly said...

I have an awesome request. It is one that will be a help for kids who are autistic. My friend has an amazing idea. She wants to help the kids who would like to earn a culinary degree obtain it. The kids would also be able to cook different items as well. She already has the building we just need the various things to fill it. We need a fridge, stove, meat thermometers, plates, silverware and other things like that.

Anonymous said...

I am behind on my rent one month $740.00 I would so appreciate if you could help me get out of this hole I am in. i am on disability ssi can't get out of this would be so awesome if you could help me with this thank you so much for your time and money you are a blessing. Bryan Heath

Anonymous said...

Hello love,
This Is nerve racking.. And I'm not one to ask for hand outs but obviously if I searched.for such a website I'm in dire need... I have two girls... And have been thrown to the wolves so to speak...after an 11 year relationship I was left in am unfamiliar town with no friends or family to fend for myself... I'm a fighter but even the strongest people need a little help now and again. I rarely know where our next meal is coming from and that scares me half to death. I believe there is magic in every single day but my magic is running low :( you're a good human keep doing what you're doing :)

Anonymous said...

Want a new life for my children and I

Logan Schaffner said...

HI! my names logan,
I am looking to take my family on a vacation to Banff.
this is truly not in my power. Maybe its in yours?
I relay hope it is surprise me !!
any amount at all would make it that much more
of a possibility . 1000 would be a good budget

Anonymous said...

Dear David, my name is Dyana. I am going to be honest and straight forward with my intentions with you. First off I would like to say that I am truly grateful for meeting a person like you who wants to help others. I am the same way other than you having the monetary means and I have just a simple life, a beautiful life even though I have endured much trial and tribulations throughout. I am still truly blessed. All I am requesting in assistance from you is your help in believing in me and having faith in me to use the money you give to me to better my life and this world if possible. I love the creative pursuits and to see people happy. I would like to buy myself a sewing machine to create clothes, products, baby needs what not with your help please. That's what brings me joy and happiness is creating things for people to enjoy for a lifetime. I would try my best to be like you, maybe not a millionaire, however to apply my values and principles as you have today in helping others. That is what makes me want to create things for people. Knowing that I made something for someone to enjoy amd puts a smile on their faces makes me a blessed and lucky person. Thank you for your time and energy. My email address is autumnrain808@yahoo.com. Take care and have a blessed day!

isol.oceans said...

Hi. I need $500 to start online business.
I got my bank account but I can't fund it.

Anonymous said...

I would like to have 250$ because I would like to get my family member a present and I do not want them to be empty handed.

Anonymous said...

David, my name is Courtney Keamawineau, and i am desperately asking for 2,000$ for my first baby and is due on October 24 and Im poor, my parents are not willing to help me at all their poor also. I dont know how to go to for money for my baby. And if i cant support my baby and cant get supplies, their going to take my baby away from me permemately. :'(I really do need your help if you can contact me sooner before my due date thatwould mean alot to me. I dont have an email or a phone or a cell but I got facebook and if you can inbox me. God bless you and your caring heart.