What if...

We've all asked ourselves these big "what ifs" from time to time...
What if you could just wish, and suddenly money would appear when you needed it?
What if there was a secret source of cash that didn't require any work on your part to earn it?
What if there was someone out there, somewhere, that cared enough about you to just hand you the money you wanted or needed?

Stop dreaming, start believing.

I know this sounds like a really bad multilevel marketing scheme that you'd see on tv late at night or some sort of joke.
But it's not a scheme and it's not a joke. I really am that person, that someone out there, that cares enough to hand you the money you want or need.

Just ask.

Just send me an e-mail explaining why you want or need money. I may or may not decide to reward you. I will decide the amount and select the recipients.


This is the place for your requests!

So if you'd like to share in some of my money, all you have to do is ask.
In your request, please be clear on how much money you want or need, and what the purpose is.
Be honest. If you need $20 for a pair of shoes, say so. If you need $100 for rent, then explain that too. If you just want $50 to go out with your friends this weekend, that's what you should tell me.
Be creative. Catch my attention. A poem you wrote, letter, story or other unique something may interest me more than a bland letter. If you'd like to send photos or other documents, use this form to contact me and I'll provide you with an e-mail address to send those other things.
Be patient. I get lots of e-mails and work hard to answer all of them, but this can take time.
Be polite. Remember - not everyone will get money. I do my best to share with as many people as possible. But not everyone's request will be fulfilled.


Please note that you will get the follow-up email confirming your successful application if you are selected! * Note to check your Spam folder. Sometimes the email confirmations end up in that unwanted place. 

Upon receiving an Email from me, you are obliged to contact me as soon as possible, most preferably in 24 hours.  

*PLEASE NOTE: By sending your request you are opting in to receive a Millionaires Money newsletter.





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Víctor Pérez said...

Hello millionaire can yo give me & my familia 6000€ to buy a caravan .
I Would love to see someone give somthing for nothing , only Thankyou

Piper said...

I need $25k to get my girlfriend from the UK to the US. I lost my job, have over $500k in medical bills, and want her with me. She asked me to marry her, and I said yes. I need this money so we can start a great wonderful life here in CA. We are two female lesbians willing to ask strangers for wonderful human heartfelt help.

Thank you in advance!

Anonymous said...

I am a single Mother of a 13yr old girl. Because I want to give my daughter a norml life (Like her friends with a two parent household) I have ran into debt. I receive no money from her Father and every day is a struggle. I am behind in all my bills. My friend lent me a car and the weather got cold and oil pored out of the car and I cannot afford to get it fixed. So now I have to resort to taking the bus agan, in the freezing cold with my child. I am trying to hold it together but I feel like I'm finally hit rock bottom. Can you please help me? I need at least $5,000.00 but at this point I would appreciate any amount.

Thank you

Ryan Yan said...



Anonymous said...

Hi millionaire Ihear you are giving away money to help ppeople. I don't like to ask but iI'dlove to get the opportunity to be able to get my Nose done all my life that is the only thing that's made me depressed ii hate the way Illook this would litrelly change my life for the better Iwould be much happier and 100% More confident in my self i really need your help for 4000 pounds. Thank you ♥

Heather sandlin said...

Long life story short found love got married and we both left everything to the ex's. Now we need a home and would like to buy the one we live in. The owner is giving us till March either to buy or to move out. Please help us have a home. Live on disability which is not much. If u can help us we will pay u back. Need 165,000....husband is 61 and I am 42...PLEASE HELP US...WE HELP OTHER PEOPLE WITH WHAT LITTLE WE HAVE JUST NEED HOME...

Jimi Ruccolo said...

To whom it may concern,

My name is Jimi Ruccolo and I am a native south Florida and professional musician for over 45 years.

I’m writing you because I need your help in a mission that can save our children from an epidemic problem now plaguing our country. GUN VIOLENCE!

I’m sure by now you are aware that in this country there are over 30 thousand deaths a year from gun violence. That’s over 30 a day and half of those are between the ages of 17-35. Something is seriously wrong! Look at the devastation happening in Chicago alone, 700 deaths due to gun violence just this year.

I am the President of the south Florida chapter of a non-profit called “Guitars not Gun’s” http://guitarsnotguns.org/ ( not to be confessed with Guitars over guns) My non-profit has been in existence for 17 years and was started by a husband and wife Ray and Louise Nelson in California, and is now in 17 cities with 22 chapters.

Essentially this is how the program works. We take 10 high-risk kids and foster kids between the ages of 10-16 at a time and we teach them how to play the guitar. For, one and half-hours a week for 8 weeks. Then we have a gradation, where they perform the songs we have learned. At that graduation, we have them sign a contract that they will never bring a gun to school and if they see anyone else bring a gun they will report them. Then we give them the guitars!

It is an amazing program that teaches these children so much more than guitar lessons. We teach them their divinity. That they matter! That they do not have to be a victim of the circumstances they where born into. That they can be anything they want in life with a little hard work and passion. It is an amazing transformation.

What I hope you can do for me is help me get the word out to our community leaders, mayors, and senators, politicians, police force, for the tri- county area.

I need Media coverage, public service announcements. Whatever it takes to get this program recognized. My goal is to get it in all 50 states.

I have some great ideas how we can raise money and awareness. It cost the organization eight hundred dollars to buy 10 new guitars for every new class. The other thing I need is volunteer teachers. They only need minimal experience on guitar and be dedicated to our cause. Please contact me with any questions. Please help me move forward on this incredible program that’s time has come.

Thank you

Jimi Ruccolo president of south Florida chapter Guitars not guns

954-496-6520 jruccolo@comcast.net

Dawn Fielden UK said...

Hi. I would love to build a venue in our community in UK we could use for exercise classes or dance shows or social events. I would need a large amount of money for this. If you could help me with this initial cost, perhaps I could pay you back by splitting any revenue it makes?

Fazila Bacchus said...

Hi my name is Fazila i am asking for your assistance of
$10.000 dollars to finish my studies.. Looking forward for your help thanks��

Marcin &Tuantuan Wedding said...


My name is Marcin and i am gonna take married with my Chinese girlfriend TuanTuan.I live in Poland and she live in China ,I still need many stuff for this amazing day,but the most i need money which i dont have,My girlfriend parents dont think that i am good candidate for their doughter , because i dont have money,good job , i dont know chinese language , but all the time i try find better job ,learn chinese language is not easy learn so different language but everyday when i get up i think positive that i can and i will do this , my girlfriend grandmom and near family also always tell my girlfriend that we should break up , but we dont listen them but recently is hard we are more than 2 years together i was 4 times in China,i want live there in future , but everything is too slow because no money , and my girlfriend said if in this year i dont earn money for our future and wedding then we must break up , she really doesnt want this and me either ,but we must do something we cant live so far away , so please i really need help ,our love is real and truth ,you can do this for you this is so easy but me is very hard earn so much money I need 50 000$USD for wedding ,i must invitate my parents to China pay for everything,wedding dress,ring,my suit , restaurant ,invite family my girlfriend, and also is chinese traditional that i must give much money my girlfriend parents and her family.
I want enjoy our amazing time with my family and show beautiful country which is China.
I hope you can support us: please do feel free to give or not to give us the present you prefer! then i can take married with my wonderful girl and my life can be more happy.
Because after this day my life will start again,but not alone! Only with my future wife !

Marcin & Tuantuan

Unknown said...

So i stumbled onto this site and ive read quite a few of the comments on here....and...theres obviously nothing i can write that you havent already read a thousand times before. But know that im tired, tired of livibg my life as a slave and you could possibly be the only one that can set me free. I buy a lottery ticket with all the hopes of making it but sometimes too scared to check my ticket as it destroys my spirit time and time again....you dont owe me anything and neither does the world and to be honest i dont expect anything..but trust me when i say that you would make this persons life infinatley complete if you were willing to give

Mujahid Muslim said...

Dear Sir I have three sons and not have their own residence. I am living at rent and my sons are studying and are small in age. I have four brothers including me. My eldest brother passed away in road accident. After this my father & mother also in severe illness. After few days of my brother's death my factory stopped and they suspend from job working all persons. So now I am in too much tention. I not have any job, no money. Please help me $20,000. So that could start my own business, purchse own house, for my parents treatment and my sons including my late brther's family expenses. DEAR SIR ME WAITING FOR YOUR URGENT HELP . PLEASE....SIR

Laura Barfield said...

Hello, my name is Laura. I am 50 yrs old and having to basically start my life over. I lost my job last june due to lack of work. A former employee of my boss started stealing his clients and under-cutting him. So he was forced to let me go. I loved that job. I traveled all over the US, cleaning frp walls and ceilings for restaurants associated with the blooming onion chain for which a company vehicle was provided to me. I had to, of course, return the company vehicle upon my dismissal. After that, I moved in with a friend as her roommate and was receiving unemployment benefits which ran out a month ago. The amount I was receiving was enough to maintain my half of the bills but that was about it. I had little money for anything else, including food and necessities but I was grateful that I, at least, had that. My roommate was unwilling to help me with transportation to look for work as she only had one vehicle and besides that, it's a small town without much employment opportunity and I was having absolutely no luck finding work at that time. Once my unemployment was nearing exhaustion, my roommate told me I need to find another place because she was going to move in with the man she was dating. With nowhere else to really go, I moved in with my 68 yr old mother who lives on a fixed income. So she's unable to help me further than a place to live and thats only for the time being until I can figure something out. As I don't want to be a burden on her any longer than absolutely necessary, I have to find a means of obtaining a vehicle with no money or a job at present. I need a vehicle in order to secure employment somewhere and the small town I live in has no type of public transit whatsoever. I need this in order to be able to get back on my feet and make my own way in life. A vehicle would help me out tremendously as its basically my only stumbling block, but indeed a major one. I have been a hard worker all my life and have helped many when I was able. Sadly those people are in no position to help me now and that's understandable. I have been working with a job coach thru my local career center and she can get me a job but I need means of transportation to and from work once she's able to help me secure employment. Once I have gained employment, I'll be able to stand on my own once again.
I am asking for $2500.00 to use to purchase a used vehicle to make all this happen. I don't want to be a burden on my mom any longer than necessary bc she doesn't deserve to go through the stress. If you could please help me I would be eternally grateful. Thank you so much for your time and attention.

Anonymous said...

Please crazy I need money l want to pay my debit off pay school fees for my children buy food for them please millionaire

Karen M Mcfadden said...

Hello My name is Karen M.Mcfadden. I am sending this email to you who have a big heart by helping those in need. Last month I had dramatic change in my life. I have to move-in with my baby sister and her beautiful children temporary until I finished my schooling at Institute of Intergrative Nutrition now I have no income. My unemployment benefits are exhausted and I was paying my tuition with that money. Now I have no funds for my schooling to become a Wellness Beauty Coach in self-care. I am so discourage right now I just want to finish my schooling and get my certification so that I can help people with their health. I just finished writing my first ebook Tap Into Wellness:9 ways African-American Can Control Our Nutrition. I need 2,000 to pay off my tuition and my graduation is in June of 2017 . I fighting depression however I am working hard to complete my module every week. I would send you all my information for my schooling. I have a higher authority to answer too that I don't take lightly. My relationship with My Father GOD JEHOVAH is very important to ME!! Continue to be beautiful person that you are. I want wealth too so I can help people with their needs as well. May you have Love, Peace, Comfort, Blessing to you and your family Sir or Madame.
Have a Outstanding and Fun weekend.
Thank you Karen M.Mcfadden

Jennifer Harris said...

Hell I am seeking $1,000 for my financial needs.Currently I am unemployed and trying very hard to find work.I am job hunting every single day for hours on end.I have had several interviews,but no luck so far.I am not giving up through, far from it.I don't quit.I do believe tomorrow will be better.The only source of income I have is my mother's SSI who is an epileptic and my twin sister's who has autism.I take care of them both and I love them with all of my heart. It hurts me and brings me to tears that I don't have a job and I can provide better for them.Sleepless nights and waking up crying because of all of this.My mother sees me putting in the effort in getting a job,but it means nothing to me if I don't bring home a check.It is just frustrating.I have a younger sister, who screwed her life up and she dumps all of her drama on us.I had property tax that she said she was going to pay off and turns out she lied and didn't pay it off, so I have to do it.I have also done a post on craigslist about needing funds(probably not the best way to get help,but worth a try) and I see nothing but scammers who wants to take advantage of you.So I deleted my post, and I have been other posts that people make about financial help but there is a catch... you have to have a bank account, and they ask for your personal info, and wants you to send a percentage back them by western union.No thanks.Again I am still keeping my head up high and applying for jobs like clockwork.I just hope you consider giving me the funds I need and I don't want to sound like I am begging and I have special privileges because believe me, there are people far worse than I am.But please consider me and I will be grateful beyond belief for your help.God Bless and have a great day.

Sarah Peterson said...

I manage a non profit  organization called Abraham's Inheritance Inc. which helps young men without Fathers figures  especially  those who fell prey to molestation. Our organization  has an opportunity  to  house some of the young men that were left in the foster care system, but we have an obstacle of obtaining  housing for the young men, if we could get some funding we will be able to purchase  a home and help these young men.They are asking $640,000 for a home I looked at that I know would be a perfect fit for the young men

Paula said...

Hello I'm 28 and have two children. I work full time in a nursing home but money isn't great. I love my job and helping people that can't do things for themselves. But I'm in 25k debt which is hard to pay off on little pay. If you could help that would be much appreciated. And I wouldn't have to worry so much. Thanks

Monica said...

Hello, In october i started my job as a caisher at dollar general. I had a 07 chevy Cobalt i was paying for. The salvage yard in which i had gotten the car told me up to 2 weeks as allow past due day of payment. I was running low on funds and only made a half payment. A few days later i got a flat and had my boyfriend pick me up and take me home. The next day my mom went to get my car and it was gone. The salavage yard, pick it up and told me with out 3500 in hand i come not get it back, this all happened in December a day before Christmas. I have been taking care of my grandparents, trying to help my mom get a test done to check for cancer and work a full time job 30 miles from home, depending on other people to get me to and from. I been saving money but its hard even i have to help my family. I'm honestly dont know how much i was going to ask for, just anything really. Thank you

Idowu said...

Hello. My name is Idowu i am living in Nigeria Africa. Which is incurablr medical condition and acvess to a good medical care is very expensive.i am very poor and my first child has autism and tuberous sclerosis..i and my husband have spent so much on her health which has affected our finance so badly and the poverty in africa is very terrible.

I need $500 for 3 month supply of her routine medication $1000 for her special school fees becaudr dhe does not attend a regular school due to her bad health.. and $500 for our one year house rent.

I will so much appreciate if this help is given to me...God bless you.

Unknown said...

Hello. I am happy that there are good people who help others still.I am disabled with Familiar Tremors and Kidney Transplant Patient.Trying to make it. I am looking for $550,000 dollars to get out of debt and get my life back financially. I had worked in the job force from 13 yrs old to 51 years til my kidney failure. I had to retire early at the age of 51 yrs old because of been on dialysis. Again I am very happy that there are still good people out in this world with very big hearts.
Mr. Brown

jmlord59 said...

My fiance' and I need your help! We were supposed to be married on January 28, 2017 but he was involved in an automobile accident on his way to the airport in Accra, Ghana. The driver of his vehicle was killed and my fiance' was hospitalized with internal bleeding and bruising. After his release, he didn't have enough money to buy his plane ticket to come home and I couldn't send him the funds to purchase his ticket because my financial resources are extremely limited. He had to use the money left after his medical expenses so he could have somewhere to stay and eat since he is stuck there. Now he has no money except what I manage to send him once in a while. He is still in Ghana trying to raise the money to come home so we can be married finally. We have asked both of our families and friends, but nobody is able to help us. We have been separated for nearly 8 months now because he has been working overseas and I need him to come home to me ASAP. Please, we need $2500 to get him home so we can get married. At this point, I am perfectly happy to elope to save the expense of a wedding. I just need the love of my life home and in my arms. I pray you will find it in your heart to help us. Thank you for your time.

Mike said...

Hi, Can you help me raise money in my campaign:


Thank you so much for all the donations and your time that you can give me, it had been hard times for me. If you can not donate money, maybe making my campaign link viral between your friends would be a great time donation, to help me raise the money. Thanks anyway.

Lets say, that you just donate, not all or may I do not know, well maybe, maybe not, but at least to make this link viral, to raise the money.

By the ways, thanks for your time and hope you can help me in someway, God bless you...

Theodore Greenberg said...

I am a recovering alcoholic of almost 2 1/2 years. I recently left my job back in July and started my own business detailing cars. I have done all this with money in my pocket. I also have land outside ashfork. My dream is to create a place where recovering addicts, homeless or lost souls to have a place to learn to live on land, heal and take next step. I am not rich and need help. I'm asking for $10,000. I really need like $100,000. If you can just give me $10,000 I can do rest. I'm asking for a chance. I want to help myself and my community and friends around me. Plus my business can give them employment when the decide to come in to society. Thank you so much for your time.

Solomon Abang said...

I would be the happiest o earth if my request is granted. I have lost 2 admissions in 6 months just because I couldn't fund my studies. Lost my dad at a very young age and I have since been responsible for myself. I humbly request your assistance in supporting me with $12000 to pursue a music performance degree in Oberlin Conservatory of Music. Thank you in anticipation.

Unknown said...

Hi i will be very happy if you will give me some money to pay house rent and to pay my younger one school becos am the only one talking care of them, they are two, i need $1000 thanks

Unknown said...

Hi i never though i would find myself doing this but i have hit a rough patvh in my life at the moment and looming at all options to help....i currently require £7250 to clear my debt and get my life back on track i am willing to pay back every penny with a payment plan that can be arranged thank you for taking time to read this

Anonymous said...

Good evening sir or madamn, I ran across this page, and I know it has to be a blessing for me. I want to say God bless you for the spirit of giving, in helping individuals in crisis situations. I am writing to you for assistance as well. If possible, I am requesting $30,000.00 to help me clear medical bills and other bills that have gone into collections on my credit report,and the remaining to repair my house. I was diagnosed with venous stasis ulcers. I feel somewhat embarrass asking, however, thank you and blessing in advance for helping me in this request.

AMJshortie said...

I am in need of financial assistance to stop foreclosure on my home in the amount of 7,604.90. I am also behind on bills, utilities and other financial bills due to Student teaching from January to May 2017 and not having an income to keep the bills up. I am in need of a storage shed and yard maintainable due to erosion from Hurricane Matthews. I am in need of tires and an exhaust pipe for my vehicle and finances to pay vehicle payments that I'm behind in in the amount of $3,072.00. If you can be of any assistance it would greatly be appreciated.

Shivananda P said...

Dear,I am Shivananda.I am really in need of money.I am looking at bright future in network marketing.So I kindly ask you Please assist me with $850 to join the business & it will be pay back in 1 year.

Eric Hubbard said...

Thank you David for what you do. My name is Eric and I am a single dad with 2 kids. I have been unemployed for the last 4 months. I have a a few job prospects, but it could take a few weeks before I know anything. Money is tight and I am on the verge of being eviction at the end of the month. I am asking for $10,000 to keeps us in our home and to help get caught up on all of our bills. I am happy to show you proof that my family is in need of this. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless!

Pivito Yeptho said...

Please help me with 5000$, I need it very badly for my debt. Please help

ali khan said...

Hello ,I need $1600.to pay my card bill ,shall be greatefull n thankful,I don't have any other words to say .

A M said...

I need 5000.00 badly . Please help me .

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