What if...

We've all asked ourselves these big "what ifs" from time to time...
What if you could just wish, and suddenly money would appear when you needed it?
What if there was a secret source of cash that didn't require any work on your part to earn it?
What if there was someone out there, somewhere, that cared enough about you to just hand you the money you wanted or needed?

Stop dreaming, start believing.

I know this sounds like a really bad multilevel marketing scheme that you'd see on tv late at night or some sort of joke.
But it's not a scheme and it's not a joke. I really am that person, that someone out there, that cares enough to hand you the money you want or need.

Just ask.

Just send me an e-mail explaining why you want or need money. I may or may not decide to reward you. I will decide the amount and select the recipients.

Free Money Giveaway – No Strings Attached

Free Money Free Cash

There are some ways to capitalize on a freemoney giveaway, no strings attached, that you may want to try to get in on.  All over the world, millionaires and billionaires, as I do also, are handing out cash to those that are in need.  If you are in need of some assistance, perhaps this is a good option for you.  Once you find a list of millionaires that give cash to help out others, you can write to them.  If you are saying, I need cash now, let's explore how you should construct a letter to try to get in on a free money giveaway, no strings attached.


Before We start   

Firstly, there are some ways to capitalize on a free money giveaway, no strings attached, that you may want to try to get in on.   All over the world, millionaires and billionaires  giving money away, are handing out cash to those that are in need. I do the same thing! So, just proceed and make your request HERE!  If you are in need of some assistance, perhaps this is a good option for you.   Once you find  a list of  millionaires that give cash to help out others, you can write to them.   If you are saying, I need cash now, let's explore how you should construct a letter to try to get in on a free money giveaway, no strings attached.

millionaires giving money away
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The Intro:

When you write to millionaires offering a free money giveaway with no string attached, you want to make a good case for yourself.  State who you are and who you represent.  You could represent yourself or an organization, depending on your situation.   The intro is just that – an introduction to yourself and your cause.

The Body:

The body of the letter you write to rich people having a free money giveaway, no strings attached, should include what you intend to use the funds for.  If you are looking to raise cash for a charity, let them know.  If you are looking to pay off personal bills, let the wealthy person know. There's not much sense in lying, since it's generally not too hard to verify information like this.  As you look for your free money giveaway, no strings attached, you need to be honest, so you can provide accurate proof of your needs.
The Conclusion:

In your conclusion, you should really thank the millionaire offering the free money giveaway with no strings attached.  Be sure to leave contact information and ask for a response.

Offer Proof of Hardship:

If you write to millionaires doing a free money giveaway, no strings attached, you will want to prove your case.  For example, you could provide a copy of your medical bills.  This will help them to see that you are sincere in your request and not just looking to scam the wealthy people offering help.


Anonymous said...

This kindness is SOOOOO rare! It's amazing tha you're doing this!

That being said, I'm in need of some monies. I'm a nineteen year old single mother. I've been battling health issues and depression since becoming pregnant. My car is breaking down. i owe thousands to hospitals. I recently lost my job.

I know this story sounds so typical, I'm just hoping you hear me out! ANYTHING HELPS! My email is ravendoll93@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I would like to have 500,000 please I want to enjoy life don't want to feel like this anymore

Anonymous said...

I just turnd 20 I have a son who is almost 3 and another one on the way. I have a family back in West Africa, I try to send my brother money so he can start a business, that way they have something to rely on to survive other than the fields, but I am currently unemployed. I also want to start my own business to be able to provide for me and my family that is here. I really appreciate this opportunity. I can be contacted at sy3fatima@gmail.com Thank you.

Anonymous said...

could I have some money to pay off these bills and to pay for caretaker for my mother who lives with us after having a stroke and taking dialysis who can't do anything for herself anymore and so I can pay off the bills she keep getting from the hospital. It would be a blessing and help and make things easier for me to get back out in the workforce before I am to old because I am not young anymore. thank you for even having a site up like to help poor people in need you can contact me at gonhe212@sc.rr.com

masambo swangongo said...

i am a 20 year old zambian i need some money to help me get started in.my family is finding it hard to support our big mix family.thank you for the charity work you are doing my email is petermasambo at yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

My name is melissa and i'm not to good at writting , and I'm not really comfortable telling my story in this message but ihave no problem face to face, or over the phone. I'm not perfect and I had a rough life and while trying to make it better i made a few bad choices and the decisions have put me on a path I don't want to br on so I need a track switch. Please. Call me and I'll explain. 347-367-1078

Anonymous said...

My name is cassie. I would like to be able to give my nine month old daughter a good home instead of living with my relatives. Could I plz request to get at least 3,000 dollars to help me and my daughter out. I thank you and really appreciate every bit of the help I can get. Thank you so much again. Plz contact me at cassiethomas93@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Good day

I am really in need of some financial assistance, I work very hard every month for a few rands, which at this point in time does not even cover my house rental, I have to take loans monthly to cover the rental shortfalls, I have debt in excess of R70000.00 if someone out there could assist me in clearing all my debts and help me with the purchase of a home for me, my husband, my daughter and my father i would be forever in your debt, or advise me of how to get out of this mess I just need a second chance at life, please I am desperate

Anonymous said...

I am really in need of some financial assistance, I work very hard every month for a few rands, which at this point in time does not even cover my house rental, I have to take loans monthly to cover the rental shortfalls, I have debt in excess of R70000.00 if someone out there could assist me in clearing all my debts and help me with the purchase of a home for me, my husband, my daughter and my father i would be forever in your debt, or advise me of how to get out of this mess I just need a second chance at life, please I am desperate, you can contact me via email tracydiesel@gmail.com

Marcus Patterson said...

I need $6000 to pay off loans and to give some money to my girlfriend, she's in Nigeria and she needs to finish her project.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Kristen, I am from Portland Maine. I am a single mother of a beautiful son named aidyn, his father is not in the picture anymore, he was abusive and he took off leaving us. I am 20 years old living in a shelter and I only have a certain amount of time left before I need to find a place or I lose my son and he's only 3 months old, I lost my job and its difficult to find work without a babysitter and no car, I would appreciate if anyone could help me with money to get these things so I could finally get my life on track so I won't lose my son. please help.my phone number is 2074061390. thank you for taking the time to read this, I didn't know where else to turn because I've tried everything and its difficult living on 300 dollars or less a month

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm in a financial crisis right now.I lost my job and now Im behind on my rent and if i don't pay me and my 7 year old daughter will be evicted. Is always helping other and now I need it and can't get help. Please if there is someone with a heart plz help. I will forever be grateful. My email is osheansullivan@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

My name is Hosea Royal.Im requesting a opportunity to grow my idea of one day owning a few dump trucks,which,if successfully will one day prosper into a family business.my brother and I,if calculated correctly,will commence to purchase our first truck by the summer of next year.if we could receive a donation it would definitely support our goals,finances and family.my contact information is:(225)249 0315,email:royalhosea1985@gmail.com.In advance,thank you for time and extensive

sam said...

hello my name is samantha on april 13th i had gotten into some legal trouble, i had a half pound of pineapple kush in my car and i asked a lawyer to represent me because it is a felony charge i still owe him $1,000 and would really appreciate these funds because i also have to pay fines and i lost $1,800 on that half pound the cops stole from me. lol.

my email is sam.beau777@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping others. I needing help due loss of jobs in the past 3y rs.I'm needing help with rent.power and water for the past 2months. Asking for $1400.00.I never have asked for help.
My email address spotbritt@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I think this is great! I would to be apart of the giving team

Anonymous said...

This is a rare thing.. my name is Stephanie, i am 22. The last 4 1/2 year's have been a living nightmare. I was tricked into marrying my high school sweetheart who was in the army, i had my own apartment, car ect. Everything to live somewhat comfortable however i worked hard. We married he left me got me fired, had signed army papers and he moved me out of my apartment. I moved in with friends and met a guy thought he was Prince charming, however i was wrong. We jumped the gun and moved in together were happy, then i wasn't aloud to work. See friends, and family wasnt allowed really. Unless he went with me i wasn't allowed to go anywhere. I thought it was love. We had gone through so much and he was there while i went though my separation (as friends) , however I'm still fighting with my husband whom has his own family now (2 kids), for a divorce. Well price charming became horribly abusive. Physically, emotionally and mentally. I was so secluded and isolated that there was really no way out. One night cops were called from a neighbor and i got in contact with my mother i left him that night. But it would be soon that i went back because of stupid reasons we were together for a year after that. I finally had rebuilt relationships durring that year with family and some friends. I found out disturbing things and left while he was at work. I moved in with my mother i had been watching my brother for over a year now and just when i thought i could get back on my feet my mother started partying and working all the time. She kicked my stepdad out after talking to other people my mother knows I'd never leave my little brother whom just turned 10 to be alone especially when my mother was always gone. Ive been stuck here without a vehicle of my own or any way of going and bettering my life. My mother takes advantage of me and i can no longer handle this. I rarely get to go out with friends and she keeps me at her house as often as possible. I am out of options and have never been this low. Ive done small jobs here and there to pay for things i need but i need to be on my own. Ive lost everything important to me and i need a new start. I have to leave this hell and this is my last chance i feel. Id greatly appreciate $7,894.00. Weird amount but this would be the beginning to a whole new start and I dont know how i would keep going ive reached the worst low in my life and i just need a helping hand. You would make such a huge difference and have no idea how much it would help. If you could e-mail me or please help. Ive always had a positive out look and helped everyone i could and no one has been their to help me. I would love this and have no idea the triles and struggles ive been through. Thank you. My e-mail stepanekstephanie@yahoo.com

Kitty said...

Thank you for giving hope. You are the sunshine today.
My name is Kitty ,49 years old, mother of a son who is 12, working 6 days a week, housewife and married.

Please take note that i am Dutch and that my English isn't perfect, i appologise for that.

I have fallen on hard times, lost all of my money after bankruptcy. My husband lost his job, he has an injured back and loses jobs because of that.
Now we had to sell our house leaving us with debts of about
€ 30,000.00.
Another big problem is that i am in a very bad marriage and need to get out of this marriage. I can't handle it anymore and i am very depressed. My problem is that i am allways thinking of other people putting my own happines aside.
I want to get out of this marriage and take care of my son but the debts are too much so i don't know how. I want to give him a good future because he is the future and my everything.
Today i wanted to buy grocery's but no money. I have to pay the school, pay bills, pay the rent and buy school stuff.

I would be very grateful if you could provide me with financial assistance of € 1000.00 so You and I can make a better future for me and my son, pay off the debts, devorce my husband move to another house and start my own little business to give my son the future he deserves. I don`t want to live on the streets, but every day it comes closer to that.

Your generosity would make such a difference to our lifes.

Yours sincerely

Anonymous said...

Last year I got assaulted and alot of damage was done to me and I am struggling to get bk on my feet. I am 21 live on my own in debt no job cause of the damage and I am really struggling to get food and to pay for rent and for ma medicine. I am not asking for alot just somethin to give me a hand till I find my feet again. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello we are a military family and we need to get out of debt my husband is a hard worker we have 3 kids and just are trying to make ends met what ever you can give us would help us out thank you

Anonymous said...

Me and my wife just got married and its hard for her to have children if you can help pleas thank you

Anonymous said...

I have been bouncing around from house to house I would love to get my life started so that I can get my children back on my care.. Thank you

ohmypitachips said...

I have financial problems to start off college and i can not find a job to accept me with my lack of experience. Since my relationship witj my parents is going downhill, im stuck at a friends house until i have enough to pay for myself.

Anonymous said...

I hope for 300,000

Josh stanley said...

Any amount would help out. I wanna make other as happy as I am even tho I'm poor

Anonymous said...

I'm a single mother of 2 girls. Both under the age of 2. I'm currently living in income based housing in ky and I would love to be able to have a house of my own, not having to worry bout if my kids would have a roof over their head or a bed to sleep on. I would love to have 500000 to be able to buy a cheap car a house to own and put money aside so that my girls would be able to go to college or if they decided not to go have money they can fall back on

Carmelo Adames said...

I need 200 dollars plz so my son can play water polo he is so sad because he can't so please help me with that!

Amber Gruber said...

Hello,even though it is not a short story I will try my best to conclude it.
my name is Amber G, From fortlauderdale Florida I am 25 years old I have 3 children ages 10,5,4 right now we are facing eviction due to me being laid off of my job for 2 weeks and I am very desperate to pay my debt to the landlord in the amount of $1,350 for this months rent which was due on the 14th of june or we will have nowhere to live within the next 5 days (havent any family to run to) ,i have already recived a 3day notice and i have nothing to offer them but $200
So they will not be working out a payment plan with me since my offer is "unreasonable" as they have said. And what the next process is to file in court and give me 5 days to move.I also wont be receiving my security deposit back since it hasnt been 6 mths yet and am told they will keep it because i would be breaking the lease. Thank you for hearing me out as these days nobody has the time to care about humanity, GodBless

Amber Gruber said...

Please someone here my plea for help.

Anonymous said...

I am 20 years old and to be honest with you I do not have a good indications and I am lazy but I have bin trying to get a job and I do not have a car or truck I had a dirt bike rec and my knee is mast up and it is hard to get a job and I was hopping that I could get $5.000 to get a truck a ford ranger 1993 to 1996 so I can afford it thanks for reading this

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bing there for someone and helping all of us in need I wish I was like you

Anonymous said...

I would like 50,000 I'm in a legal problems. I'm Hispanic, I don't know what to do to get my license back. In Washington state. I got a daughter, it's so hard for me. Please understand.

Anonymous said...

I am 31 can't work due to medical problems was hoping to get 5000 cash for bills I'm about to get kicked out of my apt I'm 2 months behind on rent and I have a child please I need help if u can find it in ur heart to help me I would apprichate it very much thank u god bless

Misty Ann said...

Just the effort that is being made helps incurage my family to pay it forward. I am a mother of three boys ages 7,9, and 11. We are currently living at the ugm crisis shelter in Spokane. For the last 6 years we resided in Ford on 10 acres with my Father ( God rest his soul ) where we built 2 separate homes. Just last dec. my Father pasted away from liver failure. He was a sever alcoholic with Hep. C and since his death our land was foreclosed. This left my children and i homeless and in great grief. I would like to provide my story to support others and incurage hope. please understand help is not left taken for granted. May God Bless Us All.

TheDeedee67 said...

Please help me am really stressed out off never having any money I need £20000 to get me out of debt, then maybe I could enjoy life ����

luka amigo said...

Greetings admin
I like your topic, after reading your article very helpful at all and can be a source of reference I hope others can feel the same benefits as me I will wait for your next article updates Thank you, for sharing tips make money from home

Wei Zhong Kristoffer Tan said...

Need some money. I just need $50000. Seed money to start a simple business.

Unknown said...

I don't know if you are still helping others. I hope so. My name is Janet. I have a 27 year old daughter who has two young children and just had a miscarriage. She is about to become homeless. She is a single mom. She cannot get a job in the town she is in and has no income. I cannot afford to support her. I live paycheck to paycheck. I am trying to bring her and my grandfather down to Texas so I can support her by helping her get the assistance she needs in obtaining a job, a home and daycare for the children. All she wants is a chance at happiness. I can emotionally support her and give her much needed breaks when she is overwhelmed. All I asking for is enough to move them down here and get gem a used TV with a bunkhouse for the kids. We live in a used TV, however, it is not big . They need room for themselves. Enough for at least two months rent which would give he time to find a job. I'm figuring maybe at the most $5,000. Or whatever you think would be sufficient. I've always tried to make my own way and she has too. I'm only asking because I love them and want them safe and happy. Please, we would appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you. I can be reached at 832-401-2274. Please text or email to Jlko44@yahoo.com. Thank you so much in advance.

Serena Newman said...

I wonder if this actually works!?!? I've read, don't make it a begging letter, but how else can it sound when you plead for financial help?!?!? My husband works so hard yet we are in debt and living hand to mouth! I have had medical 'issues' for many years and cannot work, I hate it, and feel so guilty that I can't contribute. My teeth are all rotten as I can't afford dentistry and we live in constant fear of losing our home all the while trying to shield our two children from the problems! We cannot take them out anywhere. We cannot buy them clothes! Or ourselves! We are a decent, honest family unit and feel we get penalised for that! If I were a single mum I would get lots of benefits and be better off!!! We are in danger of losing our only, old, car because of debt and we live too far from the children's school to walk! My husband takes the train to work mostly but we struggle to pay for the fares!!! He's a skilled worker and valued highly for his skills and hard work yet we are worse off than people on benefits! Seems so unfair! He feels worthless as a father and provider and I feel so badly for him. I can't put a price on what we need, or presume someone would give us a certain amount, but if this is legitimate and worthwhile. I will put aside any pride I have left and beg for help so we might have a better life. I would love to give my husband a boost to give him breathing space and tell him the debts are paid the bills can be paid and we might even go on a short holiday which we haven't done for years! So I hope somebody out there might consider my request and hopefully not feel badly towards me. This is a lady option for me and I don't like to ask for handouts. I hope someone can help and thank you if you read this.

Alisha Brassfield said...

Hello I'm Alisha brasfield
I want to school for culinary arts coming down about a hundred and thirty Grand. I just switched jobs and it's been pretty hard I went from making almost $2,200 a month to barely making a thousand. But with student loans car payment insurance payment cell phone and then trying to get my own place it's been hard. I took my boyfriend's son is 16 it's pretty hard taking care of a 16 year old especially when you've never had any kids at all. I don't make enough money and I'm already late on the car payment the insurance payment and my cell phone bill is due to be shut off within 2 days. I'm applying for a couple jobs and differences I can't get a call back if I don't have a cell phone that is all. Evergreen education I wanted some big-name places I came back here home to take care of my family and help my brother out. I know I have the education and experience to make something of myself and bigger but it's very hard to move somewhere with no money. I love what I do and I want to but I just don't have the funds and means to move what is a better job or the time and effort to put into it. So I'm just looking for a little help with a few my bills and hopefully try to make something myself. If you can help it would be very appreciated thank you God bless.

Benny Vittendorf Thomassen said...

Please help me i need 100000 dollars to get me out of my depth.I want to start a new life with my wife but the mountain of depth is destroying my life.😔

Anonymous said...

I am in desperate times and I really need help. I have lost everything my house, my car, my job and I need help to get back on my feet. Please help me with $1,000,000 to get everything back I once had. Thank you so much, it will be a huge blessing for me

Razola1k said...

Hi my name is alex, im not the kind of poeple who ask for money.. its just my mothers when trow soo much things for her kids(me, my sister, and 2 brothers ) that i really dont know how too thx her... she been working all her life for us im right now 25 right know. My brothers have 24 and 22 my sister shes 20.. my mothers worked for the last 33years know she doesnt own a house she she never had one brand new cars she only took the plane 1 time in her life.. shes been working has a cleaner.. soo she had too build her own retirement.. she was not able too cuz of us.. and the fact that she dosnt charge big at her client.. shes the kind of wommen who give a lot too poeple.. i love her soo much it kill me too she her work soo hard too paid her buil at the end of the mouth.. she was a really great mothers i hope my brothers gonna realise it soon.. she really give averything for us too make it in life i really wanna see her life change get a retirement a new car.. eat food that she like all of that if u wanna know more let me know.. its cristmass in 13 days and its her birtday in 18days

James Graham said...

If asking for money was this easy....really, out of work since Nov. Gonna lose car, apartment, disabled GF lives with me and she only gets 600 month. Rent is 2000 and car is killing me at 440 month. No other debts. I been interviewing and feel age discrimination is an issue at 58 years old. Thanks in advance.

Mlamuli Isaac Zuma said...

Hi Mlamuli Isaac Zuma i just need a help to pay my debt am deeply under on my debt i even thinking to commit a suicide because right now.I'm no longer working i am unemployed please please help me guys so that can live a peaceful life.

Dark Vampire said...

Hi my name is Christina and I'm on here to see if anyone can offer me any kind of help I lost my job a while ago got laid off been going to school and working at a temporary job service trying to get a better job but asking and if there's any millionaires out there that are willing to help me get on my feet I have a lot of debt since my layoff and I'm behind on my mortgage I really would love to pay off my home and all my debt but if that's too much to ask whatever you could help me with would be greatly appreciated thank you for your time and God bless everyone

Dark Vampire said...

Hi my name is Christina I'm asking if anyone is out there that might be able to help me I'm not asking for much just enough to help me get by till I get a good job this would be greatly appreciated God bless everyone


I bought a house in 2010 but unfortunately, it was declared unlivable this year February 2017.we are living in different shades because I am paying a mortgage and I can not afford extra money to rent an extra house.One of my daughters needs extra help due to her handcuff. please help me rebuild my house.I need 30000 dollars.Re uniting my family again as a single mother will be a very big achievement.
Every child lives in a different address which is very stressful because I have to provide still their needs in different addresses.With my salary, I am able to pay for the mortgage leaving me with no exception to pay extra rent to accommodate the children.
I tried my best to have this house because I was recovering from refugee status.My children have trauma from the experiences before that's why I see it very important to look for help as soon as possible.,Please help me.Poverty is unjust and bites me with no mercy but I believe you have the power to do something and save me with the children.
I have lived in the region since 2009 and I made my efforts as a single mother with traumatized children to provide us with a roof over our head but now nature has treated us unfairly.The house burst and has cracked due to natural causes.We are not allowed to live in.If you give me money I will be able to demolish the ruin and rebuild it giving children back the home they really look forward to.
Please help us we do not know any other way except to ask for your help.I have tried everywhere with no answer until I came across your contacts.We have a poor background which means we are totally stranded.Find it in your heart to somehow help us, please.