What if...

We've all asked ourselves these big "what ifs" from time to time...
What if you could just wish, and suddenly money would appear when you needed it?
What if there was a secret source of cash that didn't require any work on your part to earn it?
What if there was someone out there, somewhere, that cared enough about you to just hand you the money you wanted or needed?

Stop dreaming, start believing.

I know this sounds like a really bad multilevel marketing scheme that you'd see on tv late at night or some sort of joke.
But it's not a scheme and it's not a joke. I really am that person, that someone out there, that cares enough to hand you the money you want or need.

Just ask.

Just send me an e-mail explaining why you want or need money. I may or may not decide to reward you. I will decide the amount and select the recipients.

Millionaires Who Give Money To Help: A Rare Breed?

I have seen so much gluttony on Wall Street (bankers taking astronomical bonuses even as they cry out for taxpayers' money...) that I have almost given up on humanity.
Have our moral standards declined so much that we have no qualms about earning money at others' expenses? To be frank, I will love to see more heartwarming tales of caring and sharing from these rich people.


Before We start   

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Actually, there are many millionaires who give money to help people in need, like this modest guy who gave money away to strangers and left little for his family members. At Christmas time, you may find secret Santa Claus lurking around dark corners and handing out $100 bills to strangers.
Such charitable acts deserve accolades but too bad, the media do not give sufficient coverage, either because the millionaires do not wish to seek publicity or because readers are more interested in useless gossip.

In any case, I am worried that in the aftermath of this financial crisis, millionaires who give money to help could become a rare breed, if this Wall Street Journal article: "Help, We’re Running Out of Rich People," is anything to go by.

I know a lot of millionaires have their wealth destroyed as the economic recession borders on the 1920s Great Depression. Even if you have not invested in the stock market or real-estate, hardworking and fiscally responsible folks are still affected as many businesses are struggling to survive the lack of credit and demand.

I think the number of rich millionaires in America is not declining, what is happening is the significant reduction of taxable income.
However, money given to charity should not be compromised. At times like these, free money for the less fortunate becomes even more critical. It is up to the millionaires when and how much to give though.
That’s the moment when I come to the place of scene. I don’t want to be a millionaire that lost his humanity! I am here to help and I won’t barge until I fulfill my mission!
Get back to me, I am eager to hear out your requests!


larni AUS. said...

My partner, his 3 year old son and I are on the verge of becoming homeless we have no where to live, minimum food I really don't know what to do I've tried applying for loans but we just get knocked back, we just need to get into our own place it would really sort our lives out.

Chelsea said...

Hello, I dont normally do anything like this or even ask for assistance, but I am tired of freezing my butt off. I have an old home that my husband, son and I own, but can't afford to have new windows and doors put in. I did not expect the weather to get to 18 degrees in Texas, but it has and there is nothing worse than being cold. I am a nursing student and my husband is a welder. We can not afford to pay for new doors and windows at this time. I am asking for help if anyone out there has more money than they know what to do with and want to help a honest, hardworking family that doesn't ask for much. We appreciate your kindness and leave it in gods hands.
Thank you
The Robinsons

Free Cash USA said...

In need of free cash I do suggest Free Cash USA: http://www.freecashusa.info

Susana said...

Bien...si en verdad deseas ayudar sin pretender nada a cambio, pues, yo quiero tu dinero, el necesario para lograr algo que mi economia hoy no me lo permite.
Y, debo decirte que jamas he dejado nada en manos de seres intangibles u otros, solo yo he marcado mis pasos , equivocado o no, pero con el orgullo.
Te dejaré un correo; warehouse91@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

I have to raise £4,300 + expenses for a expedition/world challenge by may this year :c and I'm finding it incredibly difficult I haven't got any returns on any grants I have requested I would be ever so greatful if you could help me in anyway to get me to the Ecuador and Galapagos for my community, environment and development work!

Johnjj said...

Hi I'm I from the uk I'm 22 and have been costently moving house for nearly 6 years just after my grandad pased away my mum fell out with her partner and I ended up on the street for 2 months within this time I lost my nan and my dad I then managed to get a place to live in a homeless shelter and from ther have been moving to get a better chance of work but I find myself working around 90 hours a week and getting taxed the mojority of my wages I want to settle down and have the chance to change the lives of others would like to set up a natinal program that pushes people into work and opening ther own business by setting up groups of people to manage a government run property market set for people aged 20 to 35 ther is moor to this but would like the chance to talk as this is a personal and investable mater pleese contact me on jmd2123@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

would you ever consider financing a home for someone with the agreement that you would be paid back? over the years i have been dealing with an illness and my husband's work is sporadic sometimes we fall behind in mortgage payments and it is frustrating to have no income to pay it for 2 or 3 months. we are paying way way too much and it is only interest...it has not even affected the principal. i know we should probably let it go but right now we don't have a choice or chance to go anywere else. i know that there is private lenders out there but most want more interest than the mortgage companies. how nice it would be to get a loan to be paid back eventually without the frustrating demanding calls and avoid interest.

Anonymous said...

This kindness is SOOOOO rare! It's amazing tha you're doing this!

That being said, I'm in need of some monies. I'm a nineteen year old single mother. I've been battling health issues and depression since becoming pregnant. My car is breaking down. i owe thousands to hospitals. I recently lost my job.

I know this story sounds so typical, I'm just hoping you hear me out! ANYTHING HELPS! Please. My email address is ravendoll93@gmail.com

Adele33 said...

Hi I'm a single mother of 3 my ex just left me for another woman who also has kids he took everything even the car I'm off work now due to depression, I don't need lots of money just something to get me thru getting better and back on my feet , I'm so mad that I have let a man get me to this point I want to die I have three healthy girls I shouldn't feel like this why is everything going great for him when I have always been the one ther for everyone when will something good happen to me and my girls?

Anonymous said...

I would also be interested in a home loan that I would be able to pay back. Through many failed relationships it's destroyed my credit and even though I've never had a home loan before I can't get one until my credit is cleared up. Any help you would offer would be appreciated. My email is abickers79@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hello I am a manager of a payday loan company and looking to give you a business proposal! I have 3 years exerience in this field and my partner has 9 we want to open our own business and we woukd be able to pay you back fully plus in less than a year and would be more than willing to have you as a full time partner afterwards!!! Thank you for reading this and taking the time! Sincerely Michelle Green ...... My email is dgreencat@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

we are so in over our heads in debt and no savings no 401k im terrified of the future, we have a son we want to put through college and that will be coming up this fall. he had his heart set on a good school but we can't afford it and our credit is shot i'm sure we wont get loans so he opted to go to community college for the first two years. i need to go back to school too. everyone needs experience and i have none i stayed home due to long term illness and also because my son had juvenile epilepsy i was afraid to leave him alone. now i need to work im in my mid 40s with no experience and need something to cover my bills and my school too so that by the time my kid transfers i can help him out if i have a good job..please help we have piles of bills..barely enough to pay utilities and rent and food no medical insurance either anymore. i feel like my world is imploding. doubledsqt@hotmail.com

masambo swangongo said...

am a 20 year old guy living in lusaka zambia.i find my self living in a big mix family were geting along is tuff and.succeding is a battle.i depend on my dad for money.but i can not get anything i what bcoz of step mom issues.please i need you help to start buesness and help my sibblings.

Anonymous said...

this its to beautiful to be tru
i need also money i dont can tell you the story of my live but my story is amaizing to long to explain i can reed i book my english is not very well but if you want to now more you always can cont my on my email adress ...mieketmous@msn.com

Anonymous said...

To whom this may concern; my name is Ken I am disabled and my wife has medical problems and unable to work. I ran across this link and thought I would see if maybe I could get some help. We bought this house in 2006 and we didn't realized the floors and windows were bad. I have replaced some floor but still need to finish the rest and install newer efficient windowws that let the cold in or heat out.

Wong1tm said...

To whom this may concern. I hope someone there reads this and wants to help. I am over my head in debt paying back student loans and medical bills. I work full time in a Big 4 Accounting firm but still can't seem to make ends meet. I took out some short term loans and even had to take a loan on my 401k and now I can't get out from under them. I really want to clear my debt so I can start using my money to pay for my CPA exam fees. Any amount would help me greatly. Please contact me at wong1tm@gmail.com.

Anonymous said...

Okay so I'm in a sad/scary/tight situation.

I grew up in a religious cult. This cult demands almost every second of everyone's time. I was raised a very sheltered life. They have a saying "we are no part of this world". I could not have friends outside of the religion because they would be "bad influences". And looking into a career and higher education is highly discouraged/frowned upon because it takes away from the religious work and they believe this world won't last for long...

Because of this I was not allowed to ride the bus because the "world" is "dangerous". Never had a job because there was "bad influences" and I might bring something home they don't approve of. I failed school and was supposed to graduate high school in 2012.

I got kicked out of my parent's house and into my religious grandmother's house because they found out I was very close with a friend from school and realized I wanted to get away.

If I leave this religion I lose my family. I can't get a job because I have no experience or diploma. I have a boyfriend but I can only see him in secret. I just want to live my own life.

I am an aspiring artist/writer. I want at least an a thousand dollars. I want to use it to buy a tablet (a digital drawing tablet for my art work) and.. have you ever seen storage wars? Something like that but I go to second hand stores and look for valuable items and sell them. People don't know what they're throwing out. Anyways... I can do that for awhile, try and sell my art, make some money until I have enough to move out and get a better education.

Please help. Thank you for reading. My email is AlexisViday@gmail.com... thank you for reading.

P.S. I really need this money by friday. (Or at least 60 dollars by friday). I'm going to see my boyfriend this friday but need 60 dollars for an entry fee (going to a convention in seattle).. I don't have much time... you can ask me more questions if you wish.. again thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is crazy and I'm crazy..lol..but I need a miracle. I need 5000 if u can help and need any info call me 347-367-1078 my name is Melissa. Thank you:)

Caitlin said...

I need to pay for a visa to stay in the UK. Originally i sent the money out to our lawyer which got lost in the mail. I have already put in a complaint about it being lost but they contacted me back saying they couldnt find it. I do get Social Security and i could pay for it with that but i only get $856 and paying for the visa is $847 so paying with SS is not gonna leave me with much for the month. Me and my partner were long distance for 2 and half years, we had 3 visa rejections and it was just extremely hard, We dont want to go back to being long distance again as we worked too hard to even get me to the UK, also need to get groceries as well. http://www.wishuponahero.com/wishes/?id=1448661

Saint said...

Thank you for the interest shown.
Please use my contact form on the top.
I hope I will manage to help you all. :)

Morgan said...

I'm not very good at asking for anything from other people...help is appreciated but maybe you could offer me some advice as to how to get ahead financially on my own? 'Teach a man to fish' or however that saying goes.
My significant other is deployed and we do not currently have communication due to base location/ wifi restriction. (We're not married so I am not eligible for military family assistance or along those lines). So for all intensive purposes I am functioning as a single parent right now.
My 2 children and I were recently involved in a
rollover accident in winter weather.. The kids were unharmed but I am recovering from an amputation surgery to my foot, broken arm and internal injuries. I have made efforts to satisfy as many bills as possible and the hospital has even graciously agreed to absorb the cost of my
medical care. I have put all of my savings into getting current on as many bills as possible but cannot cover the remaining $3500. Regardless of my physical
situation my family is dependent on me to 'hold down the fort' this year and I am driven to do whatever that takes.
Thank you for your time if you read this...I know I'm reaching out into cyberspace; but like I said...whatever it takes.

Jeana Reese said...

My name is Jeana Reese. I am 22 years old, married with 2 children's, ages 2 and 1 and am expecting my third child in July. In November 2011 I was discharged from the military for unjust reasons. My husband and I were both active duty Army and when we had our first born Zoey we were told that we would have to create a "family care plan" which would outline guardians for her in the event both of us had to deploy. We had no next of kin so one of us was discharged. My husband has 10 years in service and I had only 3 so I was discharged. I was then told that since I didn't finish my contract that I had to pay the Army $5000 and I would not be able to receive my full GI bill. We were transferred to Fort Hood and made an error in pay and now after 18 months of searching for a job I have been forced to drop out of school, we have been given an eviction notice, out car is about to be reposed. We have no car insurance, no Internet or daycare. I can't get a job since no one will hire a pregnant women. I am about to be homeless. I can't qualify for welfare or WIC since my husband techniques lay makes to much. The army paid us $130 on payday. They refuse to give us emergency or casualty pay. I am desperate. I can't afford food for kids. We don't live near family being that we are military. If you would be willing to help us even a little please let me know.

My name is Jeana Reese. I am 22 years old, married with 2 children's, ages 2 and 1 and am expecting my third child in July. In November 2011 I was discharged from the military for unjust reasons. My husband and I were both active duty Army and when we had our first born Zoey we were told that we would have to create a "family care plan" which would outline guardians for her in the event both of us had to deploy. We had no next of kin so one of us was discharged. My husband has 10 years in service and I had only 3 so I was discharged. I was then told that since I didn't finish my contract that I had to pay the Army $5000 and I would not be able to receive my full GI bill. We were transferred to Fort Hood and made an error in pay and now after 18 months of searching for a job I have been forced to drop out of school, we have been given an eviction notice, out car is about to be reposed. We have no car insurance, no Internet or daycare. I can't get a job since no one will hire a pregnant women. I am about to be homeless. I can't qualify for welfare or WIC since my husband techniques lay makes to much. The army paid us $130 on payday. They refuse to give us emergency or casualty pay. I am desperate. I can't afford food for kids. We don't live near family being that we are military. If you would be willing to help us even a little please let me know.

Jeana Reese
Please reply to

Anonymous said...

Im close to foreclosure. 20 thousand would change my life, I would give half to my mother, who takes care of my disabeled sister. I work hard, but just do not make enough after helping my mom take care of my sister. benarehart@gmail.com

robert.m477@yahoo.ca said...

I'm 48. In 2007, I lost my job and my home after 17 years. I was evicted and many of my belongings were ruined. I lost the love of my life. I had to move to another city, Montreal, to move in with my 90yr old mother. The city is in Quebec and I am not a French speaker which is the requirement. My mother says she hasn't got long and the house is signed off and I'll be forced to move out, but I have nowhere to live and nothing to help me. I will be on the street with no money, no job and no future. Lost it all but it looks like I'll lose more. Not a good life. I need to start my life over while i still have it. 50k, 100k, 1 million? Right now, any number that will help me get back to life with a chance. I had so much to give, but now I need to try to get back to somewhere in my life that is stable on which I can build it all back. I don't know what else to do now. I've tried it all now and it's come to my asking for help, so I will try. I just hope something comes from this. Thank you. robert.m477@yahoo.ca

Dawn Sifuentes said...

Hi, there! I am really grateful there are people like you out there helping people like myself and others who are worse off. My story is long, but I will try to get my point across very quickly. My husband and I moved here to NC from Ohio so I could teach. I taught in a public school the first 7 years and recently decided to teach in a Catholic school due to our beliefs and how we want to raise our son. He started K there this last year. Well, to make a long story short, we have gone into serious debt due to the move here and then the change of schools. Between daycare, tuition, and gas to get to work, that pretty much eats up my paycheck. My husband has recently been diagnosed with Diabetes and has had back surgery. Our medical bills and prescriptions between the two of us even with insurance are insane. His paycheck mostly goes to food and bills, but it doesn't cover everything. We had to tap into my retirement from my old job a few months back because we almost lost our house. We also had to put a whole new heating unit in our house and fix both of our cars. It is just one thing after another. Now we are facing possible foreclosure again because we are behind in mortgage and my husband is behind on his child support for his other two children. He sends out what he can when he can, but it isn't good enough. I have lost hope and I cry every night. I have been researching ways of making money, but they all seem to be dead ends and scams. I thought I would reach out to people who may want to help us. I know it is crazy, but I figured what the heck! What else do I have to lose?! I haven't told you the whole story and how deep we are in debt, but I wanted to give you the general idea. I had a nervous breakdown and a panick attack over it last night. I just feel like no matter how hard we work, we constantly get screwed. Thanks for your time.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Anna I'm 22 and I live in Pennsylvania. My question is; is this a joke? In this day and age it seems ridiculous that someone would give away their HARD earned cash. I understand why someone would want to help others but it seems to be one of those things that people talk about but rarely act on. How do you know if these people are being sincere? People will do/say the sickest things to receive money. How do you protect yourself and your fortune? I am by no means wealthy I have struggled my whole life (along with many others ) I do not know the feeling of being wealthy and with that said your generosity seems even more unbelievable to me. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to have so much money that I could give it away for free. I don't believe ill ever get that chance but that's ok cause I know there are people who need it more than I do and If some how this isn't a sick joke or hoax your faith in humanity is uplifting.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is liz
and I am a 30 year old single mother I have two little boys and just came out of a 8 year relationship of domestic violence I did not finished school I drop out at the 8th grade due to bullying and getting beat up in school because I did not wear the latest fashion and my family did not have much money my grandmother raised me because my mother had me when she was 13 and then she went away now I'm finally getting a real chance at life I'm working on getting my GED thanks God I have a roof over my head thanks to welfare they also help me with food and going to school but I am afraid that if I don't get a reliable transportation to get my kids to childcare and get to school on time and to look for a job I might lose all the help that they have given me then I might have to go back to the shelter with my two kids I really don't want to put them through that again is already bad enough that my 5 year old wakes up wit nightmares with dreams of his father beating me if there is any way that anyone can help me please reach out to me via email liz.m_nieves@yahoo.com or via phone at 973- 388- 9789

Missblu said...

This is crazy, but here I go...
"Beggers can't be choosers" I've been told numerous times. I'm asking for anything to help, I want to be able to put at least food staples in my fridge for my son and get ahead so I can file divorce papers.
My estranged husband and I have a 3 year old son and split up last October, moving into separate residences.
I moved into a one-bedroom apartment in a restricted income complex in heart of the ghetto while he moved back into his parents house, rent and bill free.
I've applied numerous times to get a second job, but I'm considered "over qualified".
I have the car payment and he has the paid off car, therefore I have the high insurance cost. We share our son 50/50. Estranged husband hounds me that I need to buy my son new clothes and shoes this time, I can't even afford to buy them at a second hand store. The state refused my request for help with food twice because "having a car with a payment is a luxury". I can't sell it, I'm upside down in the loan and my credit is poor since we let our home go back to the bank.
The X keeps bugging me on stupid things just to get under my skin. I want to file divorce papers, but I don't have the money and he refuses to help pay and tells me that it's my problem, not his. I can't afford to retain a lawyer either.
If you've read this far, thank you! Here's a favorite quote that's been keeping me moving forward...
"Faith makes things possible, not easy"

Anonymous said...

Hi my Husband of 10 years left me 2 months ago. I can no longer afford my rent and my two children and I face face eviction next month and will have to live on the streets. He took everything when he left. He emptied the bank account, took everything valuable and left us with the clothes we had and some furniture. I can't get loans or enough money to pay the bills. This is my last hope. Thank you for your time.

Abhijit patel said...

i m from very poor family
and i want to start my own smal busines of computer plzz helpp

Anonymous said...

Lost my home. Living with friends. No money for Christmas dinner, presents, or even cards. I have one grandson and wanted to at least send him a gift, but I have no income and can't even buy myself personal items. Please, if this is real, help me.

Anonymous said...

Please help.....in need of money desperately. Juie

Anonymous said...

Desperate need for money......ru the one who helps me in my dreams?

Anonymous said...

Hello. How ru? Erm....not quite sure how i got onto this site......but its exactly what we need.! Im not great with computers so forgive me if i make a bloop or cant find the buttons to reply!! My husband and i dont have pensions or money,and to be quite honest it would be wonderful if we could have a little bit of money to help us out. I understand you must have lots of dear people asking you for money,so dont feel bad if you need to help them before us. You are doing an amazing thing. Keep up the good work. J&A.xx

Maimoona Fahad said...

I m not from ur country but like all of u i m a human being name Fahad and badly need an amount of just $2000. As i dont have my own home having 2 children age 7 and 3.
My husband is a shopkeeper.
I can give you any proof if ull ask.
Hope to c ur reply.
Thank u

Ghaith GH said...

HI, i am from Syria
you know after the war there, me and my family lose our house and i loss my university and i couldn't complete my study
please i need any money help you can give it to me
actually i need 5000$ but if can't any amount will help me its ok
i hope to reply
thanks so much ...

Ксю Гринь said...

I see no way out, I went to another country to earn money for an apartment. While there I realized that earning here I lose much valuable moments in the life of a son, I'd like to go back to the little boy and I can not for Finance. Fake money but I understand that it will be very long, and despair because I can not sleep continuously for the little boy crying for something that I made a mistake coming here

Financial Need said...

I'm in need of financial help to get my family assistance.

I'm disabled recently started dialysis with a daughter who is about to give birth to my first granchild any day now.

We recently became homeless and are staying in a motel after losing my apartment.

We are both on disability and need help getting in a safe stable home.

Our funds have been depleted buying food, gasoline to get to dialysis 3x a week and motel fees. The shelters in my city are full and with my daughter due to give birth any day now, if a shelter had any openings it wouldn't be a good situation.

If someone can make a payment to the motel we are staying at until we can obtain housing, it would help us out. Thank you.

Teresa Richmond said...

Please please help me Hi my name is Teresa my husband and I have been struggling pay check to pay check we have cut back on everything just so we can survive we live in a mobile home with holes in the floor big enough to swallow a extra large dog we are on the verge of having our electricity shut off all I need is a small $500 to get me caught up and get some food we cant even afford food to eat and if u would please help us get that paid would be great if am so stressed out do to all this my hair is falling out by the globs

Anonymous said...

I need sum cash urgently

Korienna Willis said...

My mother dead in may and I was her full time carer. Now I am trying to get a job and all I have gotten is a volunteer job, I am also on benefits. I have back rent to pay. All I am asking for is £4000 please. It will help me pay the back rent. Thank you at least reading this evening if nothing comes of it.

Sammy said...

Hi my name is Ruth,I'm in desperate need for money to study. I only have matric and never had the opportunity to study because of finances,I finished school in 1996 when I was 18 years old but still have that desire to study and almost 40 years..I guess one is never to old to learn and I never had a permanant job in my live with a husband who is not working and 3 children living in a shack is a everyday struggle to put food on the table,we will really appriciate any help.thank u.

molly Emry said...

Would really appreciate your help in getting out of debt Iam no a very small income SSI had to move got behind in payment

Anonymous said...

Hello I guess I'm getting real desperate to be doing this but anyway here it goes. I've been employed at the same company for 21 years, I've had three back surgeries and still manage to work and do overtime. But I just cant get ahead. I have three children who are also struggling so I'm looking for someone to help me out. Not looking for a million just like fifty thousand dollars to get this caught up. Thank you to anyone who would consider giving me the money. Sincerely a very tired and broken person Patricia