What if...

We've all asked ourselves these big "what ifs" from time to time...
What if you could just wish, and suddenly money would appear when you needed it?
What if there was a secret source of cash that didn't require any work on your part to earn it?
What if there was someone out there, somewhere, that cared enough about you to just hand you the money you wanted or needed?

Stop dreaming, start believing.

I know this sounds like a really bad multilevel marketing scheme that you'd see on tv late at night or some sort of joke.
But it's not a scheme and it's not a joke. I really am that person, that someone out there, that cares enough to hand you the money you want or need.

Just ask.

Just send me an e-mail explaining why you want or need money. I may or may not decide to reward you. I will decide the amount and select the recipients.

Give Me Free Money

If someone were to approach you and asked you to give them money, what would be your first reaction? No doubt, the first response many would probably give is to ask; "Why should I?" If they didn't want cause any hurt, then perhaps a polite "I don't have any" would be their better response. Then again, think about this. If you never ask for money, how do you suppose you would get it?

Give me free money

Certainly, it's not as simple as just going up to someone and asking them to give you money. What if it was though? After all, there is a practice on the internet known as a certain something. Don't be put off though, that's not what I am planning to share with you. However, there is a secret I am about to reveal that is as simple as walking up to someone and asking them to give you money.

Usually people give money in exchange for something of value. Value is relative to what they need and what is being offered, right? What if you had something valuable that someone needed badly? Definitely it would be easy to ask for money just by saying; "I'll give this to you and in exchange, you give me money." The person that wants what you have to offer, will be more than happy to give you the money you request for. You're probably thinking to yourself at this point; "Well yeah, it's called selling". What's the difference then between selling and trading? I'll answer it straight up... there's none.

Before We start   

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I came to the understanding a while back that it is easier to receive money or ask for it, when you separate your emotions from it. If you have no emotional attachment to money, it is no big deal when you get or spend it. It's funny how most people believe that making money is difficult. If you were to approach people and ask them to give you money, they'll probably think you were crazy. However, it wouldn't be the same reaction if you had something they wanted.

So the question now is; "What is it that most people want more of?" The answer is just as simple. Most people want more money. Ok, I am not saying I would... neither should you say; "Give me money and in exchange I'll give you money". That's not what we are referring to here. Ever heard of this old saying? "Give a man a fish, and you would have fed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you would have fed him for a lifetime." Get it? Your asking someone for money, would be your offering to teach them how to get more the same money they are parting with.

The internet as we know it today, is very instrumental to finding ways of earning money. Once you have established the niche you would want to follow, it is just a question of time and proficiency.


Rene Herrera said...

That made total since. I'm also that type of person that if I had money that I could give away I would, i have dream about being a secret millionaire/ billionaire I would have a small group of people that would help me find the people that truly needed help. We would travel all over just helping and making people or someone happy. I want to be a Secret cause it make me happy to help people or someone to be happy. Anyway sorry I was long winded my name is Rene Herrera thank you for what you do for people have a wonderful day/night.

Karma Ruhle said...

I feel the same way. If I had money I'd help as many people as I could. However, I have just enough to pay my bills and some food every month. It would be nice to have an extra thousand or so each month to relax and enjoy myself. Maybe I could E en get my pickup fixed so I'd have transportation again. Merry Xmas.

KatelynI said...

I wish I had enough money to help others. One day I hope become the most prosperous woman from south Carolina. I'll give everything away to my community and start over again struggling has caused some depression. I wish I had enough money to create a home office and start an online businesses from home helping others

Steven Archuleta said...

Hope all is well with you and the family. Im not asking for a handout, but an opportunity to proceed in achieving my goals. I've come along way traveling through obstacles only to head into another one. I have big dreams with little sleep. I need to pay 600 tomorrow 1/30/17 or I'm back on the streets. Another very creative idealistic man with no funds. I need to patent my ideas but it is so expensive aand also an piled in debt. My family is struggling and I lost my sense of living please help me in my quest of success so i can one day share it like you. God bless you so much