What if...

We've all asked ourselves these big "what ifs" from time to time...
What if you could just wish, and suddenly money would appear when you needed it?
What if there was a secret source of cash that didn't require any work on your part to earn it?
What if there was someone out there, somewhere, that cared enough about you to just hand you the money you wanted or needed?

Stop dreaming, start believing.

I know this sounds like a really bad multilevel marketing scheme that you'd see on tv late at night or some sort of joke.
But it's not a scheme and it's not a joke. I really am that person, that someone out there, that cares enough to hand you the money you want or need.

Just ask.

Just send me an e-mail explaining why you want or need money. I may or may not decide to reward you. I will decide the amount and select the recipients.

Millionaire's Free Money Giveaway

In the past, wealthy philanthropists have donated large sums of money to various charities and foundations. These days it is becoming increasingly common for the wealthiest philanthropists to begin their own foundations to target specific problems in the world. They want to be more involved and ensure their foundations are doing what they intend for them to do. These venture philanthropists often take a very hands-on approach and contribute more than simply cash. Nevertheless, some of the millionaires secretly give away free money to individuals! 

Millionaire's Free Money Giveaway


Before We start   

Firstly, there are some ways to capitalize on a free money giveaway, no strings attached, that you may want to try to get in on.   All over the world, millionaires and billionaires  giving money away, are handing out cash to those that are in need. I do the same thing! So, just proceed and make your request HERE!  If you are in need of some assistance, perhaps this is a good option for you.   Once you find  a list of  millionaires that give cash to help out others, you can write to them.   If you are saying, I need cash now, let's explore how you should construct a letter to try to get in on a free money giveaway, no strings attachedAlso, you can check the ways how you can get your hands on free money right now!

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The Chronical of Philanthropy creates a list of the top philanthropists and lists their many contributions and accomplishments. The Chronical named Stanley and Fiona Druckenmiller, John Templeton, Bill and Melinda Gates, Michael Bloomberg, and Louise Dieterle Nippert as the top 5 philanthropists.

Stanley F. and Fiona B. Druckenmiller

New York investment managers Stanley and Fiona Druckenmiller, donated approximately $705 million to the foundation they formed. The Druckenmiller foundation supports medical research, education and the reduction of poverty in the form of grants. $100 million grant was given to the Langone Medical Center at NYU to start a neuroscience institute. Previous years have seen the foundation donate sizable grants to the New York Stem Cell Foundation, the Harlem Children's Zone and many other medical related programs. Most of the foundation's donations go to increase research related to stem cells and their use in neuroscience.

John M. Templeton

John Templeton was an international investor and innovator in the managing of mutual funds. When he died in 2008, $573 million of the inheritance went to the John Templeton Foundation, an organization he founded in 1987. the foundation explores the relationship of science, religion, spirituality and health and how they interact. Other programs support free enterprise and character development in youths and adults. With the addition of the $573 million after his death, the foundation is valued at approximately $1.6 billion and is one of the largest grant givers in existence. Each year the foundation awards more than $70 million to worthwhile causes.



The ADE Option - Debt management!

The debt management sector has exploded in recent years with many businesses and organizations joining the fold.

Consumers who are stressed out by their financial problems may find it even more stressful to navigate their options to find the most suitable solutions.

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William H. III and Melinda F. Gates

Bill Gates, the co-founder and Chairman of Microsoft and previously the world's richest man, and hi wife Melinda founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and seeded it with $350 million of personal assets. At the same time, they pledged to donate a total of $3.3 billion, of which they have already donated $2.7 billion. I 2009 alone, the couple donated over $34 million. A new headquarters of the organization is expected to open in in 2011.

Michael R. Bloomberg

New York City Mayor and founder Bloomberg LP, Michael Bloomberg, donated $254 million to several small, nonprofit organizations. One of his biggest areas of interest is the reduction of traffic accident fatalities and several of his charities focus on this. The remainder supports a wide variety of causes from the arts, to public interest, medical and more.

Louise Dieterle Nippert

Louise Dieterle Nippert was married to the now deceased great-grandson of the founder of Proctor and Gamble, James A. Gamble. She donated $158 million of P&G stock to the Greenacres Foundation, founded by Louise and James in 1988. The centerpiece of the foundation is their converted estate, which now serves as a cultural and environmental education center. The 2009 donation of $100 million will be used to fund environmental and children's programs. An additional $85 million will be used to establish the Louise Dieterle Nippert Musical Arts Fund. This fund will support Cincinnati's symphony, opera, and ballet.

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